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DUDER 1'S new 94 SAS


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HP Dana 44 from a 78-79, 4.88's, true trac lockers front and rear, 35" Kevlar mtr's. Had a couple of Jeep's since my 93 xlt and now we have a 94 xlt lol. Love it.

Great looking rig man. What brand flares are those, 4"? I need to get a set for mine to cover the tires.

They are 4", I am un sure of the brand because I bought the explorer with them.

Ok, thanks, I used to have a set like those on my heavily modified '79 IH Scout II.

I keep thinking to myself, "modify the TTB enough, and I'll have no need to go SAS on my Explorer"...but gosh darnit, it just looks so good!!

SAS, it's too easy to do on a 1st Gen to not do it.

One her way to California from Arizona Sunday. I thought about driving it but the transmission is due for service.