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Duel Exhast on a Sport


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April 8, 2002
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Dual Exhast on a Sport

Searched the board, but I can't find pics of a dual exhaust setup on a sport. I need the know how the drivers side was routed above the axle. I'm going to see about it tomorrow and i'd like to have some pics to show the guy. Thanks!!

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sorry i dont have any pics, but im interested too. How much u gettin it done for and what kind you gettin?

Not sure what the price is gonna run. I'd like to run a flowmaster 50 series with a single in dual(I am a bonehead!) out. Prolly 2.25 out the back. But I'll let you know when i get back from the shop tomorrow.

d*mnit! i knew something was wrong!! I didn't look rite! ok, so i'm going to get my hair died blonde tomorrow instead of getting estimates for exhaust:rolleyes: Can someone correct the title please. I dont' wanna look like a complete jackass!

I could have sworn exhast had a u in it somwhere too.

good lord wat am i smoking? I feel like such an ass! So if I donate to this new server, will it have a spelling checker on it?

so did you ever get the new exhaust system? If you did, do you have any pictures?

Why did you have to bring this thread back up?;)

No, I haven't gotten it done yet. I'm waiting to see what this weeks paycheck is like and I'm going to decide if its too soon or not. But I'll be sure to keep you guys posted(and I'm going to make another thread:rolleyes: )