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October 9, 2011
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Anaconda, MT.
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Anaconda MT
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2006 Explorer XLT 4.6 V8
In the last year my 91 Ex has been steadily loosing coolant, causing it to overheat. When I first noticed this it was a minor amount, but progressively got worse. Then I noticed that even when the coolant levels were topped off, it would still overheat a little on hills. It's kind of hard to tell where the coolant leak is, but it's somewhere in the water pump area. I replaced the thermostat a few weeks ago just for good measure, but that didn't solve any problems. I'm suspecting this is an issue with either the timing chain cover gasket or the water pump, possibly the water pump gasket... I know it's not the head gaskets, there is no coolant in my oil. I just got a new water pump and gasket, and a timing cover gasket, I'm going to drop my Ex of tomorrow at my local auto shop for repair, so I will keep this thread updated for those of you who are dealing with similar issues. Feel free to comment on your experiences so others can figure out their problems easier. As soon as I get the diagnosis on this I'll post them up in this thread. Having one thread where people all share issues about one topic may be helpful down the line for others, so they figure out their problems a little faster.

Update from the shop Friday Oct. 13th
After close inspection it turns out that the major leak is coming from the intake manifold gasket. Looks like I'll be spending about 600 bucks to get that fixed. I'm going to still replace other things so I can avoid future failures, the water pump, timing belt cover gasket, radiator, hoses, temp sensor, etc. I have probably put $4,000 into this Ex in the last 6 years, so if you factor in all the years I haven't had a car pmnt, it's still worth it to keep the old boy on the road.