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Duralast Brake Pads


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January 31, 2011
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'05 Explorer
My 2005 Ford Explorer just passed the 50K mileage mark and I'm due for a set of new brake pads. I've called around a couple places and it seems the dealership wants to put on Motorcraft pads while another shop wants to use Duralast semi-metallic pads.

Is there a noticeable difference between these two brake pads or are they about the same quality?

I don't drive off-road, use the tow hitch, etc. - just an average commuter with flat city/highway driving - but I would like a set of pads that last another 40-50K miles, little dust, don't squeek, and don't hurt the rotors.

Will either of these brands work for my purpose or should I buy a higher quality name? Should I have any concerns about going to a third-party shop to get the job done (ie-machining rotors, etc.)?

Thanks for the advice.

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IMO, either will work. I have used Duralast on my last 5 vehicle brake jobs, NEVER once had a problem with squeaking, dust, premature wear, etc.

^Same. I'm currently running a set of Duralast Gold Cmax pads (the top of the line Duralast ceramic pads) on my '97. They stop well. No noticeable dust. I'm happy.

I am running just the basic 25$ front pads and honestly love em. I have power to stop when I need it, no dust, no squeaking, didnt drain my wallet, and they have a lifetime warranty.

I only bought these because I planned on tuning my whole brake system up; Drilled/Slotted rotors, steel braided lines, top of the line pads, etc.

Do you think there is a difference between the Duralast regular pads and Duralast Gold pads (both semi-metallic) or is this just marketing fluff?


Can't comment on the duralasts, but just some other ideas. . .
i have the cheapo too on my heep, paid $25 for pads and new rotors $20 cheapo Chinese chit, still stopping very well, much to my surprise For the Ex i thought i go top of the line so i went with EBC Green 6000 $80, which i like as well. Also i bought Raybestos Advance Metal rotors for $50 each. They both seem to stop very well, no dust, no sequels but for the extra $$$$ i'm hoping the EBC will last a lot longer. Overall i'm very surprised that the $65 for the heeps front and $180 for the Ex there is very little difference. I've been doing my own brakes for 30 years now.

i will never use duralast again. the last 4 sets ive got lasted about 15k tops. between the cracking and and coming apart and slinging the pad out and cuttin a brake hose i havent had any luck with them.

pickupman6 - Did you mostly use the duralast's for city driving? Were they on an Explorer?


i have hem on my ex now and need to replace them with only 13k. ive put 2 sets on my accord and one set on my f150. thats the one that cut the line and totalad my truck. come to think about it i had them on my celebrity too but i didnt turn the rotors on it cause the car wasnt worth the extra 40 bucks and probably wasnt goin to last long enough to wear out a set of pads. i ended up puttin the car in an autocross at the state fair.

I went w/ the Wagner thermo-quiets on my 03 Explorer. They work perfectly and weren't too expensive. They've been on it for over 30k so far.

the duralast's have a great reputation for being a reliable, repeatable, OE replacement.

I personally like the Posi-Quiet Ceramics from Centric(sP) they are all over ebay & other sources.

I love Performance Friction, but for 2-3 times the $$ on the Ex/Monty platform, just not worth it.

Posi-Quiets on the WRX & the Monty right now. Wife actually commented the Monty felt easier to brake with the Posi's.... nuff said... Momma is happy... we's all happy.


I have the Centric Posi-Quiet's & Drilled & Slotted rotors on my 05 Explorer for almost 2 years now and they are very quiet, little dust and stops better.