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DVC sub info needed!



I am thinking about loading a stealth type box with a single DVC sub, and need some info from someone who understands this stuff.

- If I wired the two 4 ohm coils in parallel, would I get a 2 ohm load?
- How much power would each coil get with a Fosgate 150a1 (150x1 @ 2 ohms) or a Fosgate 100a2 (100 x1 bridged)?
- Would the DVC set up play louder than a 4 ohm sub with the same amp?
-JL 10w3 or RF DVC 10"?

This is sorta new to me, and I don't quite understand all of the physics involved. I want to get the most boom possible with just one speaker and a small amp. Any info is greatly appreciated.




A DVC sub is 2 ohm when your wire it in paralled, and 8 ohm in series. but what you need to remember is that when you wire an amp in mono, you are cutting that ohm load again. so a 2 ohm load wired mono into an amp is read as a 1 ohm load at the amp. so make sure you take that into consideration. i am running 4 soundstream SPL 10's in which are DVC, i have them wired as follows
8 2 2 8
\ / \ /
10 10
\ /
\ /
Which is then wired mono into a RF Punch 200 amp, This gives me 2.5 ohm at the amp.

So if you are gonna run a DVC sub in parallel, make sure your amp will carry a 1 ohm load.

In the case of the single channel rockford amp, this would be ok, cause it doesn't require bridging, and would still recognize the sub as a 2 ohm load.

As far as the sub goes, go with the JL.

Hope this helps.

Terry L. Knotts