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DVD players


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October 17, 2001
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Just picked up the latest issue of Car Audio magazine, and for anybody else that reads this mag, on page 11 at the top is a Jensen DVD90SC player that plays DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 and cost's only $249.00! I know that Jensen is not the greatest audio brand but did not know that DVD players were this cheap. Is there something else that needs to be purchased to use this player? Was thinking about installing a DVD in my X and I know nothing about indash DVD players and was just curious. Thanks.


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ud need a screen wouldnt u, and if u wanted to play dvds wtih dolby sound, u need a 5.1 decoder. look on ebay for some cheap deals.. good luck.. keep us updated

Ya DVDs have come down in price ALOT I got my Pyle for $191. By no means top of the line but if it does the same damn thing i will pay that instead of $850. Yes you will need a screen. It doesnt HAVE to be indash monitor it can be one of those 5.6" lcd screens or any kind of screen it will work either way.

Cheap screen and DVD

I picked up my screen for $88 bucks on Ebay and a Mobile DVD player with TV tuner for $188.00. Here are my pics of the screen. Easy Instal.


Pete, that is truely awesome, DVD system for under $400! Great job.

what screen is that???

That is a emerson 5.0" Screen with 2 video inputs one Output with headphone jacks in the front. Here is the url link to them on Ebay.

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how does the quality of those look??? to dvds look good? also how is the veiwing angle?

Very good Quality! DVD's look great! Even with the monitor being tilted to the driver the passanger can see it fine. THis screen has the brightness and Color adjustments to help with the viewing angle to. I have the Mobile DVD player hooked up through my CD Changer controls on my head unit, so I can play my MP3's and DVD's through my speakers in the Explorer.