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Dye/Color Trim on Explorer Sport Trac


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February 21, 2017
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Explorer Sport Trac XLT
Does anyone have any good ides for Dyeing or recoloring the plastic trim around the outside, including the bumpers. Mine is a 2003 and i live in Texas so the sun has almost turned them white. I want something to permanently turn them black. So if anyone has used something that worked well for them or any suggestions i would love to hear it. I have found some stuff on Amazon but im not sold on anything yet.

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Krylon makes plastic paint in spray cans. I have not tried this but it's an idea.

I used the matte black plasti dip on all my trim and the grille. It's been on there bout a month now and looks great

If you want grey (similar to original color of the plastic), Duplicolor makes bumper paint. O'Reilly used to stock it. If you want black or another color I guess Plastic-Dip would be a good choice.

I will say, if you want to stick with gray, getting them dyed at a body shop will be the best-appearing and longest-lasting option. My body shop guy dyed some tan tailgate caps to black for me and you would never know.

That being said, I like the way black trim looks with certain color trucks, so I ended up painting mine black using Krylon Fusion plastic paint. I'd post pics, but photo bucket doesn't allow linking anymore.

I just restored my trim on my 04 Sport Trac using a heat gun. It was super easy and relatively quick. You just have to first take some rubbing alcohol and wipe down the surface to clean it of any residue and grime. My trim went from almost white to a nice dark factory gray.I would post pictures but don't really know how to on here sorry.