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Dynamatting the doors


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October 26, 2004
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I bought the door kit of dynamat, two boxes. As you know, one box should cover two doors. Well, when I was done with all four doors, I had only used one box. I also think I should be getting way better bass response from my door speakers. Should I be putting on more dynamat? How did you guys do it?

Front doors: I did the whole door, except for the speaker hole.
Rear doors: I did the whole door, except behind the speaker, and I covered the speaker mount.

Front doors: Boston Acoustics FX8 6x8"
Rear Doors: Infinity REference 6800 6x8"

When I turn up the bass setting on the amp, the doors rattles a lot, and makes the speaker sound terrible. Please help.

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You should be covering the door directly behind the speaker. I think.

the reason i didn't cover right behind the speaker was because the speaker magnet was actually pressed up against the dynamat

Dynamat is meant to dampen resonant vibrations. It does not always make speakers sound "better". If your speaker sounds bad, you may be putting too little power to it, it could be out of phase, or you could be overdriving the low frequencies on it (overexcursion, "bottoming out"...whatever you want to call it). You may need a crossover for the 6x8's and a sub to do what you want. Free air 6x8's aren't meant to act as subs.

If you put NO dynamat on the inside of the outer door skin, you should have. The outer skin is more prone to vibration than the inner skin, or door frame. If you mean you just left a "cutout" directly behind the speaker, that shouldn't affect things much.

a baffel may be what you are looking for , but if your speakers are hitting the door or are to close you may want to install some spacers to give a little more clearence.

By "outer door skin", do you guys mean the panel that you would remove to get at the speaker? I covered the rest of the door where the speaker is, and just cut out behind the speaker magnet. I have been looking into getting some small washers to put between the speaker mount and the screws hold the speaker in place.

I tuned the amp, and the speakers stopped bottoming out when hard bass hit, so that problem is fixed.

wow, this is sweet. thank you. i'm going to be busy this weekend.
i don't knwo about the foam part, only because (and like the article said) it holds a lot of water, and that makes me a bit nervous.