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Dyno tuning Results with the EE X-charger..


March 30, 2001
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Jasper, Alabama
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2005 Roush GT
Hey guys,

I went out to beautiful Napa California this weekend to do some fine tuning adjustments on the Explorer Express X-charger kit. I already do the tuning that comes with the kit when you purchase one and Dave wanted me to fine tune a few so that we could ensure everything was perfect. We also upgraded the MAF to a 80mm unit over the kits 65mm as it was pegging at around 5500-5700 rpm's.

It almost didnt happen as the Dyno we've had reserved for a month cancelled on us in the last few minutes. We had to rush to find another but we did, it was a good thing too in that it was actually closer to Dave's business. It's a DynoJet 248.

The first run on Dave's truck, for mods besides the supercharger all he has it a 3" EE Exhaust, 80mm GT MAF, and K&N air filter. It yeilded a 235rwhp run which for a mail order tune was decent but the a/f ratio was also falling off rich at the end. After a few runs, actually only two we got it up to 250rwhp and 256rwtq. This power was peaked at 5700 rpm's and starting to fall off afterwards.

Dave's Dyno Run

Next was Eric D's 04' Ranger with the X-charger kit. Eric had JBA headers but no exhaust. It also had the 80mm maf and air filter. We got 240rwhp and 252rwtq from his. Goes to show what a good exhaust will do for power on a supercharged vehicle.

Eric D's Dyno run

Here's a completely stock 4.0 SOHC dyno run for comparison....

Stock 01' 4.0 SOHC

Looks to me like a 68rwhp and 58rwtq gain with stock exhaust, 78rwhp and 61rwtq with exhaust. This is around 75-90hp and 70-85tq gain at the flywheel, definatly a noticable difference.

Still, the drive after I couldn't really feel the difference in power as both trucks would immediate fry the tires and pull like crazy. All this while retaining the factory drivability while under normal conditions. This kit is great.

I wanted to thank Dave and Patty of Explorer Express for also showing me a great time afterwards in San Fransico and also apolgize for calling at mid night when I couldn't find my hotel ;). I started off by using Travelocity and reserved a hotel only to find out it was in the berkely bronx, one call to Dave and he got me in a great neighborhood where I wasn't afraid to park my Lincoln LS rental.

Thanks! Doug.


are these numbers with your tuning doug?