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Dynomax - Flowmaster Equivalent


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October 29, 2003
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I am shopping for a muffler for my 96 5.0L and settled on a Flowmaster 50 DF until recently after hereing all the good reviews on Dynomax. Can someone tell me which Flowmaster muffler the Dynomax Ultra Flo sounds most like volume wise for both the interier and exterier? I have had a few flowmasters before and I have heard the Dynomax sound clips on their website, but without hearing it in person, I am not sure how loud the Dynomax Ultra Flo is and which Flowmaster muffler it most resembles. Flowmaster is the only muffler I know of to compare the sound vloume too because i have heard just about every flowmaster. Also any sound clips of a Dynomax Utlra Flo are welcome. thanks for the help

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Flowmaster sells so many mufflers and is so popular because it sounds like no other muffler. They have the patent technology on their mufflers so no one can copy it. The closest I've heard any muffler sounding like a Flowmaster is a company called Raven, and I don't even know if they're still in business.

However other mufflers sound just fine too and have their own sound, Dynomax mufflers are fantastic, so are flomaster and so many others...

Thanks, I don't mean the sound of the muffler, I meant the volume or loudness of the muffler. Which Flowmaster muffler is the Dynomax Ultra Flo closest to in sound volume or loudness? ex. The Dynomax Ultra Flo is about as loud as a Flowmaster 40 Series on the exterier and about as loud as the 50 series on the interior. Its hard to tell by the sound clips on Dynomaxs website how loud the Utlra flow is. The reason I asked for a Flowmaster match is becasue I have heard most of their mufflers already in person. thanks again

Anyone? Theres got to be someone on her that has heard these mufflers and can tell me which Flowmaster the Dynomax Ultra Flo sounds(vloume) most like.