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E-brake light issue


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July 26, 2009
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1991 Ford Explorer XLT
I searched and couldn't find any specific info on my problem with my e-brake. When I had my X taken in to have some work done on it, the e-brake light worked. It stopped working when I got it back, had to take it in cuz the idiots didn't tighten something down. Still has not worked ever since.
I looked underneath the dash, the e-brake switch thingy was disconnected. I reconnected it, and now the light won't turn off even when the e-brake is off. Any ideas why this is occuring? The e-brake seems to have some use, doesn't seem to be too tight tho.

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What kind of work did the shop do? Was it rear brakes? They probably couldn't get the light to go off either, so they disconnected it.

the brake light also checks the brake fluid level check the master cylinder to see if you have any brake fluid in it.


That swich is a POS! Mine is doing the same thing yours is. Noticed mine was broken. Replaced it. Seemed alright. Couple days later back to the same problem except the switch isn't broken now. You can test the circuit by pushing in the switch with your hand. If the switch isn't broken it's some kinda rube goldberg alignment issue with the parking break assembly.

Nothing appears broken, when I plug it in, the light stays on, when I take the plug off, it stays off. Will keep looking for something I guess. How can I check to see if the e-brake assembly itself is not aligned right?

You've located the problem. Either the switch is bad or the alignment is off. Push in the switch with your finger. Does the light go off? Does the switch look broken? Probably a alignment issue. I don't know how to fix mine(actually I don't care enough to figure it out) : )

Well, switch was loose, and I tried to wiggle it to see if it would tighten, ended up busting it off lol. Now I gotta find another one haha. THEN go from there. This is the least of my worries right now...got a manual tranmission shifter that has decided to get sloppy and not shift right.