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Early bronco Gen II Ex, hybrid

I was thinking of a project and looking for input.

I want to find a decent early bronco from 66-77 preferably 70 or newer w/o the goofy rear fender or the sport truck option, and swap as follows-

Dash from Gen 2 plus maybe airbag system....
console with rear air (for rear passengers)
most electronics
my current d-train plus some serious motor upgrades, 331 or 347 turbo and my current 4406 swap with the electronic controls
Braking system
and other things deemed appropriate.
I listed the biggest things as this is where i would like some input.

I know swapping the dash from what I've read would probably be best with swapping the firewalls?

I am not afraid of modifying anything to include massive sheetmetal work.

My inspiration for this comes from the fact that everyone has a jeep ( I had one too, '94 YJ 350 swap 465 trans etc...)

And I originally thought about taking a 2nd gen sport and swapping the 5.0L D-train and removing the top doing the appropriate sheetmetal work and having a hard top Ex, capable of going topless and looking completely stock. I can see it perfectly in my mind and I would be extremely **** about every last detail so that it would look factory, however my wife is not so agreeable. Her words, were, jokingly, I would burn your shop down.... Plus i would want to do a SAS. SO i settled on an early bronco.

Already a solid axle. Already topless, Wife's happy......

The swapping would be of no issue just looking for opinions of others as well as inputs tips etc...

Also if anyone has any dimensions for any thing related to the Early Bronco I would love to know, ex. dash dimensions, frame dimensions etc...