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Easiest 2in lift???


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February 7, 2004
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Nutley NJ
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92 Sport
Hey all, I was wondering what the easiest 2in lift for my 92 Sport would be. I heard the Skyjacker rides kinda rough in the back. I heard spacers are no good in the front. I've heard shackles ride the best. What is the best way to go, and where should I get it? I drive a lot so I need the most comforable ride.


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OKay well you said easiest and best

Those dont go together.

It looks like you have looked at the Skyjacker 2" lift and the coil spacer lift.

Is your truck 2wd or 4x4 first off?

Lifting the rear 2" will only require Warrior shackles, under $100, and shocks if you want to get them now.
For the front you can run a 2" coil or you can run the 1-5/8" F-150 coil spring seat (spacer)

If you want the best ride, performance, and upgrade you will need extended radius arms also.,

My truck is 4x4. Where can I get these shackles? Where can I get coils that will match up right? Can I use stock length shocks?


Ive been doing some research today about this because my buddy wants to lift his girls 94 explorer 4x4 just enought to fit some 32's.

So far the best way ive found to do this (cheap/complete/fairly easy) is the James Duff 2.5" kit.. it only costs $450 and comes with 4 shocks too.

Anyone have any pro's and con's on that lift?

(i assume neither of the 1st gens in question here are going for serious offroading... well i know the one im lifting isnt, what about you PONY?)

Na, just for looks. I already have 31x10.5x15 BFG's on it just it needs to be a little higher. I saw that Duff kit but seem like its to much for me. I use my 4 wheel drive only in snow.

I got a set of f-150 spacers for $30 off this board ($35 from Ford) and a set of add-a-leafs from summit for $30. Thats what I call a cheap lift kit!

Where can I get these Warrior shackles and a set of 2in springs?
Summit Racing? Jegs?

thanks :)

what size of tires can you fit with the f150 spacers and the add a leafs
thank you brian

Add-a-leafs and shackels do the same thing. I like add-a-leafs better because they allow for more cargo/trailer tongue wheight without letting the trucks rear end sag. Besides that shackles stick down from the frame and look really ugly. Another problem with shackles is that they change the pinion angle on the rear axle and this can be a problem. Besides all that, add-a-leafs are a lot cheaper. The only thing that some people have against add-a-leafs is that they stiffen the ride. This is true, but if we were looking for a soft ride then we wouldn't be driving explorers in the first place! :confused:

But, if you've got your heart set on shackles, then the part number for them is WAR-153 and I think you can get them from www.4wheelparts.com they should be like $60.00 if I remember right.

madiron said:
what size of tires can you fit with the f150 spacers and the add a leafs
thank you brian

31s without trimming. You might be able to squeeze 32s with a lot of trimming and wheels with less backspacing. That lift will fit most anything a 2" lift will.....

what if you put 32's on 15x7 stock rims?

Yeah you guys cant just say 32's will fit with trimming, ALOT has to do with the backspacing on the rims, and each truck sits differently with different lift setups.

Add a leafs IMO are the worst possible way to lift the leaf spring.
You can modify the leaf pack and get lift, you can run shackles and get lift.

The pinion angle NEEDS to be changed with lift.

Shackles provide a stock like ride.
Your other option is to go 4" and do a spring over.

WOW!!! All these shrings and shackles and adding leafs.....Kinda wanna leave it stock now. How about I lower it 2in!!! LOL :D

I like my add-a-leaves alot thank you very much! They allow for bigger tongue weights without having the nose of the truck pointed in the air. I've always thought that the stock leaf packs weren't heavy duty enough anyways. Add-a-leaves make them as stiff as they should have been from the factory. Plus I don't have that ugly shackle sticking down. Yeah, having my current leaves re-arched would have been the best option.......If I wanted to spend $200+!! But as far as add-a-leaves vs. shackles I like the add-a-leaves much better. As for the stiffer ride, I like to know that I'm riding in a truck.

And yes I agree, tire fitment does have a lot to do with backspacing.

88PONY said:
How about I lower it 2in!!! LOL :D

Hah! If you think lifting it sounds confusing wait till you start researching dropping it! First generation 4x4 explorers just aren't designed to be dropped. Thats not to say that it can't be done, just not very easily.