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East Coast Trashed Thread

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Okay, we've got Moab out west and Attica in the center/east verified as the spots for our 10th Anniversary runs. Since Indiana really isn't east, the possibility of a true east coast run has been brought up as a third 10th Anniversary run next year. This thread is the preliminary chat thread to sort this out. I have a few thoughts and want to see where it leads, then if it works out we can post our own poll of trails and go from there.

Firstly, if we have a third run out east, that may change the participation at Attica. How many of you that voted for Attica would end up NOT going to Attica if there was a run on the east coast? Keep in mind that the votes in the original poll assumed that the east run would be at Attica, and we don't need to mess up plans for that run which is already being planned.

Here's my thoughts on an east coast run. It needs to be an east coast run, which means what it says - east coast. There are places to wheel in TN and KY like Windrock, but those aren't really in the east, and they are closer to Attica which is already where we are planning the central/east run.

I only know of four major areas in east coast states so if there are additional ones that I am unaware of, please post on this thread so that when we start a poll, those other areas can be included too. The four are Tellico in NC, GWNF in VA, Uwharrie in NC, and Paragon in PN (of course there's also the Outer Banks or other possible beach areas, but I assume we want to have a variety of wheeling trails and not just ride on beach sand).

Of the four, I've wheeled all of them except Uwharrie. At GWNF - unless we missed some areas when I went - it seemed to me to be too easy to be fun for any vehicle other than a complete stocker: all we ran when I was there was forest trails which were not much more than simple dirt roads.

Tellico is the other extreme - if we choose that I am afraid that we may scare off some stockers that may want to attend. I do believe that a stock Explorer can do some of the trails there, but it would be very tough for a stocker and they would have to accept the probability of some body damage. Tellico would be great for the run if no stockers plan to come, or if the ones that do are willing to be challenged and take some risk. Also Gajeep seems to be willing to help a lot in coordinating a run if it were there.

If we choose Paragon, that would probably end up being just another of the many Paragon runs that the northeastern bunch do all the time anyway. It's also far enough north that it might dissuade some from the far southeast in GA, SC, or FL to attend.

That leaves Uwharrie. I've never wheeled there, but from what I've heard the trails are easy enough for stock vehicles but have plenty of tougher optional obstacles to challenge the more built rigs. It's sort of in the middle - not down in FL and not up in New England - and might be central enough to entice the largest attendance.

That's my preliminary thoughts to start the ball rolling. Please join this thread and post your input, but ONLY if you would SERIOUSLY plan to attend this run if it were held. Thanks!

EDIT: I just read something about Groznet in VA, so if someone can provide info on that place that would be great.

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I am planning on the Attica trip and would be up for an East Coast run as well. My only issue would be in whatever dates are chosen. I need plenty of lead time when requesting vacation and it can't be too close to the Attica run since I'll be taking a week off ...Unless of course we plan a "Wheeling to Attica" Road trip where we start on the East Coast and hit various places on our way to Attica. Now that would be a definite adventure trip...

I don't recommend Crozet, VA for stockers or anyone with Daily drivers. Their trail rating, blue/black/red is based upon Flop potential not difficulty level.

Moab is may 13-14

Attica is june 16-17

Just thought you guys might want to know so you can plan around these dates.

i strongly reccommend Uwharrie....it is a nice trail set that will be able to accomodate everyone's driving habits and wishes.

Uwharrie sounds good

I've never been anywhere around here, but I'm in Clemson, SC. If there was a group thing in NC, I would be interested.

well nissanboy and me are always looking for people to run URE with...so even if we dont go there for the group run, we can go whenever if you wanna tag along. what kind of setup you got?

URE is BORRING... I am a UNF SUPERSTAR! (Uwharrie Natl Forrest Superstar)

It is fun for group trips though as there are two campgrounds and a multitude of primitive sites all over for camping all within the Natl Forrest. Facilities are nice. You have a nice gas station that is very friendly to wheelers and has a hot breakfast/lunch/dinner served there. Ure would deffiniately be a weekend run though. Arrive Friday afternoon ( have someone prerun the trails to check for new obstacles) run all the trails saturday, and ride until you have to leave sunday. I can guide stockers up all the trails at URE if you are competent in your driving and will follow my spotting. Still reccomend deviding into 2 or 3 groups depending on numbers just to keep traffic down.

Tellico is fun but Like Gerald said would scare away stockers.

Crozet is fun... definately not for people with less than 35's though so it is out.

GWNF isnt worth the drive from anywhere... i got a gravel driveway at home i can drive on.

I highly reccomend East TN wheeling though. Coal Creek/Windrock is a blast and has trails for all tastes. You have scenic easy trails, Hardcore crawling trails, trails that go for miles and miles. Unlike most wheeling places there are more trails than you could run in a week much less in a weekend. I wouldnt mark it off the list.

I have seen pictures from Grey Rock ORV in GA but again it would scare most stockers away.

Croatan Natl Forrest in NC has a ton of trails but no hills, it's all muddy ruts and swamp land. I wont attend if it winds up there.

I'd be down for a EC run as long as my SAS is done. Haven't really seen too many of the big ORV parks cause I've been close to stock the whole time. If the SAS is done, I'd prolly go about anywhere.

Another place in GA, is Beasley Knob. I don't really think it is stocker friendly though, seeing how I had to be winched 3 times there. But, it is within an hour of Tellico. Just an idea though, if we decided to do an East Coast run at Tellico, some of us might could ride down to Beasley Knob for a fun day of great hill climbs that are rutted out nicely!! But that is just a thought.

Beasly is too muddy and not enough trail for alarge group run.

I would really like to do Coal Creek, It has soo many trails.

nissanboy said:
Crozet is fun... definately not for people with less than 35's though so it is out.

After speaking to Chris who owns the land where Crozet is located, he said the blue level trails are considered mid-upper level blues on Paragon or Rausch Creek for those who have been to either of the locations. There is definately no stock trails there but they had stock H2 run thru there. There are plenty of bypasses. Personally, I think a stock Explorer could probably run the blues with minimal scratches and taking bypasses as needed. Its ust a matter of having a good spotter for those stockers if they wish to run the trails.

If we could get a place and a date by the beginning of next week that would be great. I would like to send out mass mailing to let everyone know about the 3 events so they can start planning asap.



my vote for Uhwarrie still stands, mainly on the sole fact that the most people could attend and ride on all sorts of trail ratings.

If the dates work out i'll be there, where ever it is.

if its within 500 miles of me im there

Okay Rick wants us to figure this out. Since Moab is mid May and Attica is mid June, how about mid July for the east run? July 15 - 16.

We're scared of scaring away stockers.... how many would actually attend? If none reply, I'm voting for Tellico.

I will put up a poll tonight. I too like the idea of Windrock/Coal Creek but it's halfway to Attica for many of us, and what fees do they charge now?

Where's all the New England guys in this thread? Do they only check their own area forum?

im trying to go to Moab too, so i dont want to go anywhere thats waaaay far away, im on a college budget here ;)....I would rather go to a place where we know that there are easier trails, and bypasses when needed. I havent heard much about coal creek, how is it there?

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I would like to here some more about Crozet as for the easier trails so that some of the stocker guys won't be scared.

From the pics i've seen it looks pretty sweet, and honestly that is really in the middle for everyone i think.

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