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East Coast Trashed Thread

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I chose Windrock cause I've never been there. I want to go see what it is like. Although, I'm 95% on showing up where ever it is.

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I like the idea of Crozet because it is so close to me. If a run to Crozet is selected, the I recommend that the GWNF also be included as an alturnative or second trail option. Almost all of the GWNF is stockable, and it is a really nice ride throught the mountians of VA.

I am also interested in Uwarrie.

nissanboy brought up a couple of good points in the poll thread, and I want to address those along with other things I am thinking now. I'd like to hear from all of you, because this run is making me nervous at this point. Rick wants us to plan this within the next couple of days, and I'm jittery about the whole idea at this point. Here is an excerpt from a PM I sent him.

I'd like your opinion on the east coast run at this point. Ten members have shown an interest in the chat thread, and so far eight have voted. You posted that you need an answer fast and at this point I have a bad feeling about the whole idea especially if we decide right now.

1) The votes are pointing toward a place no one has been to.
2) With the limited participation in the chat thread, it is quite possible that this will end up being a small run of half dozen or so once the chips are down and people actually show up.
3) Looking at those that would surely attend, at least three of us will already be going to another 10th Anniversary Run anyway at Moab.
4) Looking again at those same members, Ill bet that most would have gone to Attica anyway, and I think having a third run on the east coast would cause most to decide not to go to Attica (myself included - I would have gone to Attica, but won't if we have a run closer to me).
5) Moab is already scheduled for early summer and Attica a month later, leaving the east coast run in the middle of the summer (unless we want to schedule during the schoolyear which will knock out all the college guys from attending). It's humid out here, and having a July or August run in 95 degree heat with 90 percent humidity will be like stewing in a steambath.

I'm wondering if a third east coast run is a viable idea at all..... I would like your thoughts.

There you go guys...... since we are the ones that will actually participate in the run, I think it would be a good idea for all of us to post what we think at this point, and make a stand to answer all these questions and others - if you are in college, does it HAVE to be in the summer? I don't think any of us really want a July or August run. How many of you would have gone to Attica if we don't have an east run, and if we do have an east run, will you not go to Attica? Is LBarr2002 stock - I think everyone else will be at least superstock, and if Josh Adams can take his superstock Ranger to Tellico, that might make Tellico the best choice after all.

The podium is open :)

well i dont know who else is in college, but no it doesnt have to be in the summer, as long as its a weekend, i could most likely attend (if it is close enough). I am still however leaning strongly toward URE. Even though chad says its boring (because hes ridden it 3453984795374 times ;) ) Its really not, especially if youve never been before. Having it at a place where we know is comfortable and safe for all classes i think would bring in the most possibilities of attendees. URE can be as hard as you want it and at the same time as easy as you want it. I dont know if i am the only one that wants URE or not, but i feel that my arguments for going there are being overlooked for a trail that no one has been to...

If its Uwharrie, I'll do my best to be there.

I'd be up for a Uwharrie run, count me in. And for slravene, I'd be driving a stock '92 X, 3.73 posi with mud tires...

I would like to run crozet mainly because I want some difficuilt obsticals. I also would like to go to Uwarrie just because I know it has some decent trails. I still think crozet would be the best bet due to the location and GWNF would be a logical place for the stockers to play if they dont feel worthy. I KNOW I will be there where ever it is because I have ALOT of time to plan.

GJarrett said:
I think everyone else will be at least superstock, and if Josh Adams can take his superstock Ranger to Tellico, that might make Tellico the best choice after all.

The podium is open :)
Gerrald, are using me as an example of what kind of vehicle can do Tellico? You are right though, if my truck can do it, I think it is doable for a superstock Explorer. But let me also make this point, jasonb, limitedx(caleb), and GaSouthern went up there on time with another group and in this group was a 4door montero with just 31" tires and nothing else except a little bit of rocker protection, and he did trails 5,4,8, and 6 I think. Those are the easiest trails up there for those who do not know. This Montero had no lift what so ever.

I didn't vote for Tellico because I've been before, but if it came down to it, I would chose Tellico over anyplace else. I just chose Windrock because I haven't been there and I really couldn't decide between the 2. I will not go to Attica, but I hadn't really planned on going there anyway. I would like to stay around here, the east coast. Indiana is just way to far for me to drive.

Josh Adams said:
I didn't vote for Tellico because I've been before, but if it came down to it, I would chose Tellico over anyplace else.

No one is voting for Tellico, but I did anyway. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. Tellico is the best wheeling on the east coast, and if anyplace deserves a slot on our 10th anniversary out here, Tellico is it. It is so good that it scares someone stock - the annual Dixie Run doesn't even provide a stock category. But Josh Adams proved that we can do it. I'll personally volunteer to help anyone else on this site to have the fourwheeling experience of their life here, and I'm sure Josh will concur.

If it comes to it, I'll take all day to babysit a stocker or two on the trails to get them through it, and after the weekend they will walk away with the memory of tackling scenic trails far beyond their wildest expectations. We already know that Crawford's Campground is a fantastic place to fellowship after the runs. Any reading of a 4x4 magazine will confirm that of all the choices, Tellico is the premier east coast wheeling spot. And if we do it in midsummer, its altitude will help it be the least stifling option on the temp/humidity index.

LBarr2002, what size mud tires do you have?

Who of you who voted on the poll would NOT come to Tellico?

Who would ONLY come to Crozet?

Who would ONLY come to Uwharrie?

GJarrett said:
LBarr2002, what size mud tires do you have?

30 X 9.50 Dunlop Mud Rover

I would also be interested in going to Tellico, if i wouldn't be holding back the rest of the people from having fun. Its actually half the distance from me as URE.

I'll take you on trail 4, down 6, and on both 3 and 8. You have no idea how exciting that will be, and I'll bet my bottom dollar you can do it, as long as you have true 4x4 with a lowrange. But you absolutely HAVE to have skidplates, and your plastic rocker panel moldings on the bottom may not survive, lol. They might, but they may not.

But it will be worth it!

I've been in your shoes.... you have NO idea how awesome your Explorer performs on the trail. Tellico will prove that, but only if you go there.

yeah, I'd definitely be up for Tellico with somebody who's been there before, and a little damage wouldn't bother me too bad...that's what its for.

slravene, would you go to Tellico?

maybe...it will just be my second outing (third if i go to moab) and i just really dont wanna break down....i mean i HOPE to be on 33s by then, but i have to find a set for cheap first. If not ill be on 31s and open diffs. i would consider going but only if i KNOW that i wont get there and be stuck on the business end of a strap all day...

Lee you can run 1,4,5,6, and 8 no problem. I'm still for URE

He can run 3 too, don't forget.

Unless it is dry and he has expert spotters, it's a coin flip whether he can go up 6 or not,.... but no problem he can go down 6. Gravity is a beautiful thing sometimes :D

Trail 6 is one of the funnest trails I've wheeled from all over the nation, and one that stockers can do. If not up, then down.

I like Tellico but i cant tow my truck to Tellico b/c my trailer doesnt fit around the switchbacks without getting all off the road.

Gerald and JoshC have both not wheeled at URE so it would be great fun for you guys... and i will buy your trail passes if you can make it up the center of Kodak Rock without winching. I can guide most stocker around bypasses over the CB I know the trails that well.

Only problems i see with Tellico is most people wont come just because they have heard of tellico in wheeling mags and see the shots of Helicopter Pad and Gaurd Rail and Slick Rock. It intimidates.

If you cant tell im a big fan of URE for group runs... i almost think it was meant to host large club runs.

Count another near stocker in on the run. I'm not sure where I'd rather go, but I'm leaning towards Tellico just b/c it sounds like the place to wheel from what I've read. Second choice is Uwharrie. I'm lifted 2" and will have 31x10.50 m/t's on this week. Will be locked and geared by the run. I could be easily talked into whichever you guys think will be the most fun.

I do love tellico and i'd also love to try something new, but it doesn't matter.

If Crozet has trail guides then i don't see a problem with that, but i see where your fear comes into play of not knowing what's around the corner.

I don't care to try URE, heck we tried last weekend but with the price of fuel i had to back down, i was looking forward to it and still am, i'll be down there before the years up to wheel.

We're up for any of 'em...as long as Sammy is allowed to play. :p I'd like to try somewhere else on the East Coast besides Paragon and RC since I've been to both many times.

Now, 'scuse me while I go swap Sammy motors...I'm currently spraying H2O out my tailpipe ! :fire:

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I'm late joining this thread, but I'll do my best to make an East Coast run. No particular preference on location...

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