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East Coast Trashed Thread

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I closed the poll because it is obvious what needs to happen. Here is a quote from my final post on the poll thread:

We need to get this decided and the last page or two contains many posts that support what I have been thinking. Regardless of my initial post in this poll thread that said that Crozet would only be used as a tiebreaker, it is obvious that the most of us will show up only if we go there. In looking at the votes, I am also more than a little disappointed in the amount of people that would vote only for their location and not also vote to be willing to compromise. Well, this is a major event, and if you only want to meet the same folks at your local run that you always do and don't want to meet others from the board from other parts of the country then that's your problem.

I don't see any other choice than to choose Crozet - if someone has a bone stocker and is afraid to get a couple of trail scars, they can still join the run and go to GWNF for a great scenic stocker run. Chris, we need to get a couple of our guys up there at one of your runs next month if that's okay to do a prerun. From what I can see I'll bet that stockers will do fine at your park with a little spotting.

This is a major event, not a regional run.... we have those all the time. To schedule even more multiple runs for the east will defeat its purpose. If you live in New England or in Georgia and don't want to make an effort to meet anyone else - while trying to force others to come to your own backyard -that's your problem. Regionally any of us can schedule a Paragon or Tellico run anytime we want to. I don't necessarily want to drive to Crozet either, but if I want to be a part of this major event and meet other members from the entire east coast area, then by golly that's what I'll have to do.

By the time we get to Crozet several of us will have prerun it. If we find out that it's a total loser of a place after our preruns then we'll cross that bridge and redecide later on if we have to, but from the descriptions by Ben and the owner Chris, I don't think that will be the case. It looks like a pretty cool place. If you have a bone stock vehicle that you don't want to test (or a 2wd) GWNF will be an hour away and offer plenty of spectacular scenery and trailriding, and you can still be part of the run and meet at day's end for fellowship with the rest of the rigs.

Chris, what we also need now is information on local hotels/camping/restaraunts/etc.

BTW, Tom Davis suggested scheduling this run the week after the Attica run in order to give him and/or maybe a couple of other rigs a chance to hit every single 10th Anniversary run and have a "Run Across America". I hadn't thought of that and it sounds like a cool idea. At least three of us out here are planning to attend Moab and if any of us take the trouble to go to Attica too, we'd be able to try for that too.

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If Crozet is selected most of the closest hotels and restaruants are in Charlottesville. there are also some in Harrisonburg. If you check the map you will find that Crozet is realitively close to the intersection of Interstates 64 and 81.

unclemeat said:
... If Crozet is selected ...

Re-read my last post. It just got selected. :)

We're all - me included - going to have to compromise just like the west had to. To those who don't want to compromise, I don't care if I meet you or not. This is a one-of-a-time 10h Anniversary event, and if you're not willing to do that and meet halfway, then the rest of us don't need to be losing any sleep over it.

I agree with GJarret, and I'm glad something is finally getting set. I originally voted for Telico only, but that's only because I can't make a weekend run up to VA. But, I will try to attend if its not during classes, just take a thursday - monday trip. I hope I can make it, and hope to see many of you there.

Lodging/Camping for Crozet, VA area:

·Primitive On-site Camping (No running water, electricity, etc)
·RV's & Trailers are welcome

·Mystic Mountain Campground (7 Miles away)
·tent sites with electricity, water and sewer as well as cabins


·(15-20 Minutes Away from site)

I highly recommend either Mystic Mountain Campground or the hotels in the Charlottesville, VA area. Mystic Mountain offer free wireless internet service.

Bout time someone put their foot down. well put GJarrett

Ok new england guys. crozet is 10 hours from boston,and im definitely going. I imagine john derocha is going too. if anyone else wants to come, we should definitley plan on meeting up and going down together. if anyone wants to ride down, by my count there will be atleast 3 empty seats in my truck.

in any event, count me in.

Thanks Gerald for getting all of this settled. Unless some major thing happens last minute, I will be attending. Even if my truck isn't done, I'm going.

:thumbsup: Now we've got the spirit. I can't wait for this to happen.:bounce:

What about taking Tom's idea and scheduling it for the weekend after the Attica run? Chris, I think that would be June 24th 2006 weekend? How's that work out?


I should be game for about any time during the summer. I'd be out of school, and I have enough time from this point to save up a little money for gas to get up there. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Just now checked to see how far away it is. 8 hours and 500 miles for me. O well, I'll still be there. ;)

Yes, i like the attitude now! Like Gerald said it makes me excited.

Something about bickering about wheelin just doesn't do it.

I'm game for the back to back weekends, that will hurt the wallet but be well worth it. Have less then a week to fix the broken stuff from the first run, nothing like a good challenge!

June 24th 2006 weekend works great. FYI most wheelers camp here. Yes it is primitive. We have bonfires, night wheeling, and other adventures that await you. If you plan on staying somewhere else please do not plan on drinking and driving in this area, you may end up in a place with a cage that is not inside your rig! BTW there is no drinking on our trail runs - night runs, well you'll find out. :D

Is there an online map of the trails?

If its in the summer, June weekend, sounds great. I'll be the first stocker to jump in I guess...If there's more I'd be up for heading to GWNF, or hanging out with some of the others.

Who knows, I may not be stock by then. I'm kinda looking at the Skyjacker 2" suspension and PA 3" body. So, I could be on 33's by then.

I think it is a good idea if some of the stockers want to meet up at GWNF. It's not like we'd all be on the same trail if we were at the same park anyways ya know? Like Gerald said, we call all get together that evening for a big dinner anyways.

its a possiblilty that i would show up, but i plan on being on 33s by then. I might see what crozet has to offer and if i dont wanna test my luck ;) ill head out to GWNF with ya.

GWNF is simply trails cut in national forest. Scenic, but easy. If you're on 33s by then, trust us, you'll have no problem on trails at Crozet or at other places way above what GWNF has to offer.

you are so good at talking me into things ;) ill give crozet a try, but im not promising that I will end up running alot of trails out there.

if i feel comfortable, ill stay. I have just heard some nasty stuff about crozet is why i have the concern.

slravene said:
you are so good at talking me into things ;) ill give crozet a try, but im not promising that I will end up running alot of trails out there.

Damn it :mad: , between bmxKing5, slravene, rick, and you gerald, I am probably be forced to go, just so that I can meet you guys. :p Why did yall talk me in to this? :D I might have to do the little stuff too in fear of breakage. It will be my 11 wedding anniversary for that trip too. All I have to do is convince the wife. :rolleyes:

bmxKing5- PM me. Maybe we can follow each other up. :cool: I might bring a car trailer and you can tow me home.lol.... ha, ha.... :D

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is rick comming all the way out here?

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