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East Coast


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December 10, 1999
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96 XLT
I need to hit some trails in the VA MD PA area...I know of the club East Coast Explorers...i have a truck that I recently did a lot of work on and its itchin to hit some trails...anybody have any ideas or club information? Thanks

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ill go wheelin with ya... how far are you willin to push your truck?

when and where? I am game.

i live not far from pittsburgh pa.... depends what you are willing to try though.... i got a long tow strap... i can pull ya through :D

Originally posted by 94EBexplorer
i live not far from pittsburgh pa.... depends what you are willing to try though.... i got a long tow strap... i can pull ya through :D

With those 36's and the sfa you should get a winch too...never know when you will need to pull yourself on the trailer :D

i have been pullin myself around in front wheel drive cause i keep shearin off universals.... damn it,

Im suprised no one else mentioned it but there is a place in eastern PA called Paragon Adventure Park and Ive gone there more times than i can count. We've had a bunch of explorer runs there now and its always a good time. There are also monthly trail rides where you can go with a group. You can check out thier website @ www.paragonap.com If you ever want to go wheeling let me know Im always up for a trip out to paragon.

OCC is DC area


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Go there sign up for the yahoo list ( they ask for an intro- mention you found them on the Explorer board) and you will find trail rides and such just about everyweekend. The web site has the membership stuff on it, decent people and rides for vehicles at all levels from GWNF rides, to Paragon to Big Dawgs.
I just saw posted a ride to GWNF which is the free legal wheeling area of choice for DC. Next one is on the 14th Sept leaving from 234 and 66w heading to GWNF to run a few trails stock to mild modded can do. Need some Explorers along on the rides- the club(like most) is Jeep heavy.

Ill watch for your introduction.

Good Luck

good stuff fellas, I would like to get to it soon, next couple weekends...hey lifted Eddie Bower guy...whats your specs anyways? truck looks good, who says youll have to pull me though?

D44 Front 4:88 gears. Locked front and rear... 36" tsl's and a bunch of other stuff....