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Easy EGR valve and tube replacement 5.0


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October 27, 2004
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5-1991's; 1-94; 1-2000
I was dreading replacing the EGR valve and tube, having read many threads & videos about what needs to be removed to get access. Here is how I did mine without removing any other parts, hoses, etc.

On my 2000 Mountaineer 5.0 I got in there with a standard length 27mm wrench and began loosening the lower EGR tube nut at the exhaust manifold. The tube began to crimp, so I cut it off with a Dremel. Tricky, but it can be done. Then the exhaust nut was accessible to a socket and long extension. After removing the EGR valve bolts, the valve and remaining portion of the tube came right out.

The new EGR came with bolts, and the EGR tube nuts were new, so everything went back together quite easily. A crowfoot wrench would have made this even simpler.

Total time start to test drive was about 2 leisurely hours.