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EATC blend door actuator clicking


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June 19, 2010
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Johnson City, TN
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Multiple 99-00 5.0 AWD
I was changing the oil in my daughter's mountaineer and i noticed a clicking noise coming from the passenger side under/ behind the dash. It did this for 10 or 15 seconds, then stopped. Of course, only cold air and no hot air so I suspected the blend door actuator. Removed the actuator, opened it up and the smallest plastic gear was broken. Just happened to have a spare manual actuator and took the gear out of it and put it in the EATC actuator. Plugged it back in and swapped from ac to heat and no movement. Checked the actuator fuse and it was okay. Looked in the owners manual and saw there was a fuse to the EATC memory so I pulled it and put it back in and the actuator started moving. Set to ac and manually set the blend door to ac and reinstalled, now works fine. I just searched this and see where the need to pull the fuse to the EATC memory was posted once before, but wanted to share this experience in case it could help someone.