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For Sale EATC Climate Controls

I have for sale the parts needed to convert a 2nd gen Explorer or Mountaineer from manual climate controls to the EATC found on EB's, Limited's, and Premier's. I'm asking $75 shipping included. I have the control unit, the motor speed controller, blend door actuator and sensors. The only thing I don't have is the outside air temp sensor and the connector for the speed controller. The temp sensor is $16 at NAPA(that's where I got mine) and the connector for the speed controller can be had from a JY for a couple of bucks.(the local JY's in my area are picked pretty clean or I would have thrown that in the package) I can e-mail pics if interested. Pm me if you need more info. Thanks for looking.

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Bump for pics.




Any questions feel free to ask.

still have this? was toying with the idea of replacing mine, but haven't really read on what the process entails... how much is involved wiring/installing wise. thanks

well im not sure where the actuator is, and unless the dash needs to come out it shouldn't matter much. any reason for selling it (ie. does does everything work to your knowledge) also i see it has rear vent controls, which i dont have rear vents does that matter do you know? also do you have a saved link for a write up cant seem to find one sry for all the ? thanks again

The actuator is behind the glove box. And yes everything works. In doing mine I pulled a bonehead move. I thought I messed up my unit, so I picked up a new setup. In fact I crossed a couple of wires. When I fixed the wiring, all was well and I had an extra unit. So I went and picked up the extra pieces to sell as close to a complete kit as I could. The link is in the previous post(#4). And no the rear controls don't matter.

Down south. By Atlantic City. Actually a bit west of A.C. Out by Hammonton if you know where that is.

Item is sold. Thanks everyone for looking.

Someone else. Sorry.