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EATC Installation


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October 12, 1999
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Alright wiring gurus, I need your help again.

I want to put in a EATC (Digital Heat/A-C control unit) where my knob controls are. What do I need besides the EATC control unit? Any special wiring harness or does it hook into the existing control wires? What about the temperature sensor that goes behind the little vent on the dash? Do all Explorers have one preinstalled or would I need to buy that also?


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you talking about a temperture control thing, like climate control?

oh baby i'd love to have one of those on my 96xlt, but i think they are a LOT of time and money to put in. I am planning on working with a few guys to get the EB computer in that tells you your mpg and how many miles til empty. I hear that takes 22 hrs to do splicing wires, but i'm with ya, its all worth it in the end getting stuff that is on the higher end models.

I agree. I figure, if I can locate a unit at a junkyard (with all the trashed Explorers, there HAS to be one), then I don't mind paying the extra for the harness and sensor, or maybe even just take it from the Explorer there... Anyways, any ideas folks?

exactly, do they only come out of the 95+ explorers? all the old ones dont seem to have too much technology.

I *think* only 95+ models. However, at the local yard is a 1996 Eddie Bauer that was crunched in from the rear and side, looks like the driver was pretty lucky. The engine still starts and it can power the electronics, and the unit displays and functions... I just don't know whether I should attempt the swap or not...

DO IT! first get it, and then try to get some more advice, c'mon people, someone on this site must'a done this before. we need to get some directions on how to do this stuff along with the EB computer, because there are a lot of people interested in this stuff

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the manual climate controls are controlled by vacuum and the electronic controls are, well, electronic. The electronic unit might require other hookups besides the vacuum hoses and the sensors. I don't know if there are wires to splice into other systems, but it is very well possible other systems may be affected by this conversion.


How can identify this? I can take the trim off and check the rear of the heater controls I have now. What wires or hoses should I look for?

Let us know how this project comes out. I've been thinking of doing the same thing. I'm hoping it's just a simple swap out of the control unit, but knowing my current mods, I had to tap into wires.

I was checking the unit out. It has an outside temperature button, which means it will (probably) have to be wired into my overhead console and temperature unit somewhere. Other than that I can't imagine it being that involved... (famous last words... hehe)