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EATC + Remote Start


September 15, 2001
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Hillsborough, NJ
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'94 EB
I'm curious as to the EATC automatically comes on when the car is remote started. I ask because considering the unit is electronically based, and no other electronic parts of the car go on when remote started, i'm curious if the EATC actually turns on. I'm going to be installing a EATC into my truck very soon so I figured I should find this out before I do anything. My guess is since there are HVAC power lines tapped into with the remote start that it will turn on parts of the HVAC system which will engage the EATC, but im not entirely sure yet...

So anyone out there with a EB or Limited with a remote start?

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Cmon, someone has to have a remote start in their truck with an EATC...simple question!

I have a Compustar alarm system with remote start. When I remote start my ex the air handling comes on and tries to maintain the selected temp. The display doesn't actually light up until you put the key in.

Does that answer your question?

What remote start are you installing?


i had a remote start by dei and yes the air does come on. but like heyok said it doesnt light up till u put the key in.

mine lights up and comes on. aint that the whole point of the remote start. to warm the truck

Yes, that answers my question...thank you. I'm not installing a remote start, i'm installing the EATC unit itself. I was just curious because I know most electrical things dont engage (at least the displays) when you remote start and since the stock climate control is completely manual, I wasnt sure if the electronic one would be affected by it. Thanks guy!

I have a Viper alarm with remote start, and the EATC comes on AND lights up in mine. Everything comes on in my Eddie Bauer.

a little late, sorry!

Sorry this is so late from when you first posted this topic, but I have a related issue to discuss w/ the group.

I have an 04 EB explorer, with factory EATC, and dealer installed Ford Remote start. Sometimes on really really cold days, after the car was sitting all night, I'll remote-start it up, but the climate control seems to have reset itself to the off position. It only does this when it gets really cold at night, which is also when I seem to need it to work the most, ironically! It also shows this odd problem when started manually after cold cold nights, so I know it's not related to the remote start itself.

Problem is, the dealer can not seem to duplicate the problem, so they can't verify it or fix it. Anybody ever hear of such an issue or have any thoughts on this?

BTW, the Ford remote start system is very good, if anyone was considering it.