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Eaton M90 on a 4.0 OHC?


December 18, 2012
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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2001 Explorer Sport
Anyone ever supercharge one of the 4.0 OHC engines in one of these trucks?

I happen to have an Eaton M90 blower that isn't doing anything but holding my work bench down.

It's the same supercharger that's in my Buick Park Avenue Ultra. 3800 series 2 Supercharged. That car SCOOTS!

I know what you're thinking. You'd have to custom one-off a lower intake manifold.

No problem.

Once the plasma-table that the boss wants comes in, I can cut the pieces, weld it together and see where it goes.

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i want to supercharge my 99 xlt currently with a brand new 4.0 SOHC. ofcorse since the engine is brand new im waiting til after the break-in period. but i do want to supercharge it. i know there are many kits and parts and what not for the OHV but i have the cammed 4.0..... can i do it and how with what parts
all possible info it appreciated

Email Ron at rpcaster. Great guy, and he has a kit for your motor that would take little or no modding to make work. Mine wasn't a kit, but more of a pre production experiment on the 4.0 ohv.