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Eaton Supercharger

Big Turkey

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November 27, 2001
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1999 4.0 OHV Sport
Has anyone supercharged their Explorer yet? If so, then please tell me what you guys run in the quarter mile, 0-60 times and what you think your horsepower at the wheels are.
I have a 4.0L OHV 99 Explorer, and I'm thinking about purchasing an Eaton M90 roots-type supercharger for my Explorer, but am a bit hesitant because I'm not sure of the power gains, and I have to do some custom fabrications and in a bit of a money jam. Sort of a Christmas gift to myself.
Does anyone have any tips on the install or anything like that? I heard that the plenum and intake tube will have to be custom made.. how much does that cost?
Also, anyone know what other companies offer superchargers for Explorers, and if thie M90 setup would work? Thanks alot everyone.

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I have the BBK kit on my 96 OHV. It uses the Eaton M62 blower unit. I now run about 15.4 in the 1/4 mile, 0-60 around 6.7. I'm putting about 200-210 hp and 250 tq to the ground. I'm very happy with the kit, it was a little expensive though. It's very reliable, and I think that's worth the extra cost as opposed to a lot of fab work. Also, the kit cut install time to under a week. Do a search for BBK and Alec in the mods forum, you'll pull up a bunch of threads on my install and experience.

Good luck!

1999 Explorer and OHV, i thought they stopped the OHV before the 1999 model year, i thought they had SOHC's in them?

He must have a manual tranny, they still had the OHV.

ahh, thanks alec, i stand corrected Dead Link Removed

Hey, I live in Houston too. I'm thinking about purchasing the Eaton M90 because I've heard that it'll fit, I just have to get the plenum and intake tube fabricated like I said before. I'm not sure though..
Also, to you guys answer to the OHV 99 explorer, I have the Automatic. I thought I had SOHC for the longest time, but then one day I looked at the car's sticker and it said "4.0L Engine (Not SOHC)" I was like, "Uhh..." so I double checked, and sure enough, on the top of the sticker it said, 4.0L OHV Engine. I ****ted. And all this time I've been buying parts for the SOHC. (well the chip was the big thing, by the way, JET modules aren't very good because they didn't do anything to my Explorer.) But yeah, weird enough thta's what I have.
Anyway, back to the supercharger, Alec, do you know any place in Houston that would get something like the M90 installed for a good price, with good service and someone I can trust? Thanks.

I had mine done in Austin and I did part of it myself. I looked for some places in Houston and wasn't all that successful, especially since you need stuff fabbed. I do get all my maintenance work done at Memorial Car Care Exxon, at the corner of 610 and Memorial. Bob is the owner and Daniel is the head mechanic. Go by and see them and tell them I thought (Alec Rosenbaum) they might be able to help you out. You never know....You might also try Pro-Am, it's on Richmond somewhere. I don't know if they do installs, but they might be able to refer you do somewhere.

Good luck!

Just a thought, I'm going to be working in Austin next semester and might have access to a C&C machine. If you draw up what you need in AutoCad, I can probably get it done, for about $75 an hour.

it would be cheaper to make the plates and weld what you need done it will be very hard to do what you guys want to do out a block of aluminum. buy 99 and up lighting blower off ebay or ford parts network you can get one very cheap for under 800 may even pay like 300 brand new in the box.


Hey blk, would the 99 + lightning blower fit on the Explorer? Will I need some custom fabs? I asked around town today and I told them that I might need to get a plenum and intake tube fabbed, and they just said they didn't want to attempt the plenum, and it would cost just as much as the blower itself. Can anyone help me out on this problem?
Hey Alec, I have a 99 4.0 OHV, what's the diff between 96 and 99? I checked out BBK's website and they make the instacharger for the 94-97 4.0s.. but nothing more. And yeah, I wouldn't mind the vortech.. but it's just so pricey. I still want this M90 eaton. Hey are you still in Houston? Cause if you are then we could meet up somewhere and let me check out your car.. I'd like to see the power of the blower too. Thanks alot.

Email me with your phone #.

the reasone i said to buy a lighting blower is because it is a m112 i belive and should still fit fine and you can find it cheap and new. i have seen what is need to preform the job and you will need to make your own intake tube and plenum. that is not very hard though. a vortech kit can be had brand new for under 3 grand which is less then the bbk kit.

really its encouraging?

Alright that's what everyone tells me with about the M90. And the guy that's selling me the M90 said the M112 is too big for the 4.0 OHV V6. He told me to go with the M90, and all I'll need is to make my own intake tube and plenum. I went to two shops today, and when I told them intake tube, that was cool with them. But then I said plenum, and they said they didn't want to attempt it. I went to the other shop, and they said it's going to run me $2500 to make the plenum itself. That doesn't make sense.. everyone else tells me it should be really cheap. How do I make one myself? Or else, where can I find someone who makes it for a good price?? I'm buying the blower for around 500, and I really don't want to pay 2k for the plenum. hehe, I'm sure you guys are with me on this one. Anyone who knows, please let me know. Thanks alot guys. :eek:)


Originally posted by Yomie
1999 Explorer and OHV, i thought they stopped the OHV before the 1999 model year, i thought they had SOHC's in them?
To clear up the confusion:
95-96 have OHV or V8
97-00 have OHV, SOHC or V8
01-?? have SOHC or V8

Just outta curiousity guys, how does the 4.0 handle the additional pressures posed on it when bolting on a Supercharger? I know our my SC's we can go through HG's like they're nothing when we start running high boost. It seems to me like you'd be gambling with a m112 off a lightning. I don't know if this helps any of you, but I am a member of the and a lot of guys are uprading to ported blowers where we are and I know some members have m90's kicking around. I do for one because I upgraded to a newer 94-95 style blower that had an S-port done! If your debating custom work anyway it might be worth a look. I don't know if that helps...maybe...maybe NOT!


i just might be able to make you the plenuim even with out your truck. even if i have my nicest welder do it with the best materials it would be under a grand easy i can not say for shure because i have to cover my own but but i would say that even under 500 bucks or lower. i have seen it done before and am gona do one on a 3.0 ranger so i dont see whey they would tell you that over 2 grand for that i could put a intercooler on it as well. if you got the money i can get any thing done just look at Troll.

Hey BLK, do you have a number or email I can contact you with? I really want this thing done. Thanks alot.

I just want a plenum made out of some material that's reliable and I won't have to replace after like a few months. If you can do that for me for a good price, then please let me know and I'll pay it. :eek:) I think I can get someone to install it for me, but they just thought that the plenum would be super difficult. :eek:( Anyway, let me know, thanks.

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New here, but this is exactly what I'm looking for...

Hey guys,
I'm new here, but seem to have found exactly what I'm looking for. I am about to put my 4.0 SOHC under pressure, but have been having a hard time finding blowers. I found the BBK kit, but feel that I can do much better for less. I've concidered fabing a twin turbo setup (using 2 T-25 turbos), but am not sure that it will be worth the time as I have dealt with turbo cars, and the aftermarket turbos never seem to perform like you want them to.

I guess what I am getting at is the M112 it, or is it not possible to fit this on the 4.0, and is there anybody making the parts to make this work? I have found one but don't want to buy it before I know what I'm getting into.

Any aditional help that you guys can give me will be greatly apreciated.