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eb coils on a 1st gen


April 7, 2006
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hills grove, pa
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i was talkin to my one buddy who happens to have 4 early broncos, 2 are lifted 1 is get restored and 1 is a crawler, so he has tons of spare parts. well he has some 5.5" coils, could i use these on my explorer? or would i have to get a different coil bucket and from what?
how much lift would they add?

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Welcome to the site. The EB coils are larger diameter than the Explorer ones. I think I've seen the coil buckets modified to fit them, but can't remember. These coil springs are what's used 99% of the time on this site for the coil sprung SAS. Maybe you should see if he's got a d44 you could use too. :D

nah, to much work for me, and i need to run sway bars, i searched around last nite,
but how much lift would these coils add?

Like I said, they're a larger diameter. IMO you'd need new coil buckets for these to fit. You'd probably need to modify/fab up a new lower coil mount too. When new coil buckets are involved...you can have pretty much however much lift you want depending on how high or low the buckets are mounted. I'd bet that you'd have a minimum of 5-6" from running them. In this case, you'll also need drop brackets, etc like a normal 4-6" lift for 1st gens.

well me and my buddy installed some f150 coil seats today, i was thinkin, get eb coil towers and shock towers, extended my stock r/a to 10" longer, 6"skyjacker axle pivot brackets, and end up with 7.5"-8" of lift, add 35" tires and 4.56 gears
hope to get it to a better ride quailty out of it, and more susp. travel, and get 14mpg city 17mpg highway,

add this much lift will i need new front and rear driveshaft? how much are new driveshafts, or can i just have a shop extend my stock ones for cheaper?

Sounds like a nice plan. :) You'll most likely need to extend the rear driveshaft a little bit. I have the same amount of lift, and I would've needed to extend the rear driveshaft about 1.5 if I kept the stock rear axle, but I changed over to a F150 9" rear, so I had to remove the yoke to flange adapter (about 1", which is why I needed the rear extended a total of 2.5") The front MIGHT work for you, but I don't know for sure. I have a D44 front, so the pinion is longer which helps allowing me to retain the stock length d-shaft. I had my rear extended and rebalanced for 120 bucks. If you want a beefier driveshaft, or an all new one, the price will obviously be more.

well i got 2 ideas on my mind

all susp lift, 7.5"-8"(5.5" eb coils swap, coil coils, 6" axle pivot bracket, extended r/a, soa w/ aal)
5" susp lift(3.5" eb coils, used 4" pivot bracket, extended r/a, soa but remove a leaf)3" body lift

im tryin to pick the most street friendly kit(with sway bars) but very flexy offroad(without sway bars), number 2 is a plus because i wont need to extend my driveshaft, but i will need thicker sway bars with number 2

BUMP ^^^which one? im goin to run 35x12.5r15 bfg mts,

what is the most amount of lift i can put on with out have to extended any driveshafts?

well i got my tires(35's), and mounted them to 15x10 steelies, im still pieceing my lift together however, so far i got 6" skyjacker axle pivot brackets, drop pitman arm, (4) 6-8" lift shocks, extended brake lines.
i still need coils, and the soa perches in the rear, but still debating on the eb coils,

im also looking for the best possible gas mileage, if i would get 4.56 gears, k/n air filter, tb spacer, and exhaust, and any other gas saving mod out there, will i be able to get 17mpg city 22mpg highway?

With 7.5 to 8" of lift, you may have alignment problems. The alignment cams will only adjust so much.