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EB Nostril Ram Air-?


March 9, 2009
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'06 EB V8- FM50, Ram Air
Has anyone thought about or actually made the passenger side nostril on an 06 or later EB a ram air inlet?
Looks like the perfect size and a great place as it would be a pretty straight shot to the intake box. Little concerned about rain water though.

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OK, well I have made my own custom ram air through the passenger EB grill nostril and here are the details.
I made the scoop from a 4"' - 2" black thin plastic drain reducer I found at Home Depot. I also used 2" sewer drain PVC ppe and a rubber 2" pipe coupler sleeve and some screen and paint.
You have to remove the grill which isn't to bad thanks the detailed instructions on another post in this site. Then I used a dremel to cut an opening in the black plastic panel that is behind the grill so there would be a direct path to the stock inlet.

Next I nserted the 2" PVC pipe painted black with a screen to keep out debris and straighten the air:

Last I formed the drain reducer around the nostril back by heating it up with a torch and bending it. It is just barley big enough to fit around the back of the nostril with some work so if you can find a reducer bigger than 4" it might be easier.

Here is the finished product:

According to my iphone app on identical runs (take it for what it worth - according to Car & Driver, the app (Dynolicous) is very consistant but about .3 tenths slow on average compared to their equipment):
If you can follow the table below, notice the 2 tenths 0-60 reduction and 3 thenths 1/4 mile reduction with an 4mph increase in trap speed. (other mods are K&N and FM 50 SUV muffler)
No Ram Air Ram Air
0- et et Diff
10 0.79 0.77 0.02
20 1.74 1.7 0.04
30 2.79 2.7 0.09
40 4.26 4.19 0.07
50 5.75 5.7 0.05
60 7.64 7.44 0.2
70 10.04 9.79 0.25
80 12.66 12.54 0.12
90 15.85

ft et mph et mph
60 2.55 27 2.48 28
330 6.79 54.6 6.66 57.5
1/8 10.28 71 10.14 78.3
1000 13.29 82.6 13.14 83.8
1/4 15.92 82.5 15.68 86.4

Peak HP 238 255

Seat of the Britches feel - as usaul with Ram Air- definietly noticeable on the highway but the biggest indication of improvement to me is a lack of the tranny wanting to downshift on hills on the highway now and even aorund town doing 45 or so and giving it some gas, it takes more throttle to get it to downshift because it has more torque to pull in the gear it's in.

MPG - We have seen about .5 mpg increase around town but it is hard to tell with varied driving conditions. On the highway we are getting 22-23 mpg usually which is about a 1-2 mpg improvement from before the Ram Air & FM muffler.

Water? I am keeping an eye on it and I do have a couple of places for the water to escape in the form of slits between the scoop and the Pipe right before the screen, but so far, only after driving it in a hard steady rain did I actuall see only one or two small drops of water in the air box and the filter wasn't wet.

There's is my experience so far -

Great mod for little money. Just droppen in a K&N panel filter and noticed the same ram air potential. Looking forward nto doing the mod soon. Letr me know the mpg increase on highway.

I did this mod with a funnel and a 3" stove elbow. Great in the summer, but oddly enough my mpg went down when the temp was south of 40 degrees.

I did this mod with a funnel and a 3" stove elbow. Great in the summer, but oddly enough my mpg went down when the temp was south of 40 degrees.

more than likely just the drop from winter blend gasoline and nothing to do with the colder more oxygenated air