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ebay cylinder heads


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June 23, 2007
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fremont ca.
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99 explorer sport
Hi i have a 99 explorer sport w/ 196,000 miles check engine light is on and it has a rough idle other than that it runs great, i was told by a mechanic friend that it has low compression in #4 due to a burnt or leaking valve ,i got quote for 700 to 2000 dollars to rebuild the head or do whatever it needs done ,i m looking at ebay "new heads" are they any good? anyone have any experiences, also im in ca will a federal emissions head work on a california vehicle im kinda strapped for cash if you know what i mean and need to go the cheapest route can i replace just on head? Thanks for any help

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Are these rebuilt or new castings?

Here is a good article on the 4.0l engine. The entire article is very interesting reading, however please read the section pertaining to replacing heads. It is important to replace with the exact same style year and casting number due to engine calibration in the ECU/PCM.
Rebuilding The Ford 4.0L Pushrod V6 - Engine Builder Magazine

no such thing as California cyl heads. Any head will be the updated design for 97+. Also, K-seal may solve your problem, it worked for me. YMMV there, but it may be worth a try. Could buy you time for sure. I don't want to fix mine because the truck has rust, but after using that product my truck runs perfectly.