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March 21, 2003
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Hey i bought a eclipse deck off my friend for 40 bux it was made in 2001. Well i hooked it all up and only hooked up my two front door speakers just to see if it worked and it lit up and everything and i put a cd in it and it doesnt want to read the CD it stays in for a bit then pops back out. I also am getting no sound from the speakers even when its on radio. Is the deck messed up or did i hook something up wrong or what. SHuld i hook up all 4 speakers or something?

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Could've hooked it up wrong. Did you try a different CD? I'd be willing to bet the preamps are dead and the laser is messed up, why else would he sell it for $40?

What does the display read when you put the CD in? Eclipse decks have a security feature where you can program a CD to be a key to unlock the deck. Whenever the power is disconnected, you have to insert the key CD to unlock the deck for use. Ask your friend if he has a key CD for the deck.

mine did that after about 2.5 years...

...and I had to send it back to eclipse. Eclipse HUs come with a 3 year warranty if you purchased it from an authorized dealer. No cost, as long as the little card was sent in the mail.

It says something like CDR on then nothing happens

Did you bypass the factory amp? If your not getting any sound from all 4 speakers using just the radio, that's usually the problem.

Originally posted by 94ExplorerSS
It says something like CDR on then nothing happens

u know mine did that today with the CDR did it right after i got mad at it and rammed it back into the dash =)(its a pos)..but all i did was turn it off and on and it cleared the error

u might try a lens cleaners or something..can u hear the CD spin at all..does it take time ejecting or does it do it right away?