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Eclipse Sirius Satellite Radio Problem


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June 11, 2003
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Wetumpka, Alabama
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98 Explorer Sport
ok, here we go i've had my Eclipse 5435 since the day we got them in at work and i had contemplated getting the sirius tuner for it (the SIR-ECL1 that eclipse has been promising forever). It's been a few months and i hadnt sold one yet to really see how it would turn out, so i bought one friday and proceded to install it all went well with a clean install except everything was plugged up and the HU wouldnt recognize the tuner. so i tested for 12 volts at the it...the antenna was it just wasnt getting a connection through the DIN cable. i asked an installers opinion(after all i am just a salesman) and he proceeded to disconnect the end od the DIN from the radio and remove the casing of the plug and plugged it in and it's worked fine for 2 days. MY QUESTION HERE IS HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM??? i mean the sirius satellite radio tuner with eclipse is nothing short of awesome but a functional DIN cable would be nice without modification.

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Bad harness? Maybe it slipped past QC at the factory with a possible unstripped data wire?

By the way, where do you work? It seems to get harder to find places in New England that sell Eclipse.

I work at CKR Mobile Electronics. We have 3 locations 2 in Montgomery, Alabama and one in prattville....yea i hear ya, we had eclipse training a while back and the Rep. was telling us that there are only about 250 Eclipse retail stores in the U.S.

must've just been a defective piece. we've installed about half a dozen with no problems. mine worked out great with my avn-5435

leenjen said:
must've just been a defective piece. we've installed about half a dozen with no problems. mine worked out great with my avn-5435
that piece must be pretty badass. can you still play dvd's while moving, or does it lock it out like pioneer does?

if you hook it up they way you are supposed to, then the movie wont display on the in dash screen. but it will still play on the rear screens. but it's very easy to bypass (a lot easier than the alpine iva's).

Holy crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have not seen you around these parts in forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to see ya back.

yeah, havent been around much. it's funny that i can go months or years between posts and still average almost 4 posts per day. i remember when i was averaging about 16 posts per day back in 2002.

thanks for the welcome back. it's nice to still see some people from back then still on the boards. this place was always my favorite message board, so i do stop by when i can. i just dont post much.