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EcoBoost intake manifold to BBK 70mm TB dowels/hardware

I put up a thread a while back on the SHO forums in the Gen4 Performance section regarding some dowels pins I cranked out to place the BBK 70mm TB dead nuts center with the IM opening, allowing for a more accurate porting of the IM opening (which is 68mm) if so desired. It also takes ALL the play/slop out of the installation.


In addition, the hardware that comes with the BBK is too short to be meaningful and the stock hardware has a shoulder under the head of the hex bolt that doesn't fit properly in the machined recess.

I was gauging interest on selling sets of these, along with the correct hardware for a relatively small cost. The dowel pins and proper length mounting hardware (which includes hi-collar lock washers specifically designed for allen head bolts) are all 316 stainless steel. It does require widening 2 holes diagonal from each other by using a 5/16" drill bit and going down to the point where the threads begin (on the IM, the threads don't actually begin until about 1/4"-3/8" deep).


I am currently charging $30 shipped for the set. I realize this isn't the most difficult set of hardware to acquire yourself and I wouldn't be making much money as that price includes USPS Priority shipping and associated PayPal fees, as well as parts/material I'm paying for. But it will take some of the workload off other than having to drill slightly. I've got 5 sets put together if anybody is interested, DM me.


See photos below for more photos: