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ECU From a Ranger


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I've been on the hunt for a manual trans ECU since I did my swap. I was at the pick n pull today and found a '94 B4000 that met the same configuration. 4.0/manual/4x4. I had the part number for an Explorer, they didn't match but I figured it could be tuning difference due to weight. I read previously the difference was the Explorer ECU was tuned for more lower end torque. With that in mind I thought it would work in mine.

Swapped it out and upon startup the truck idles around 2000-2500 revs. The CEL came on for a few seconds, went on and as I came out of the garage it came on again. Turned the truck off and jumped the pins to read the codes. No codes.

The part number for the ECU is F47F-12A650-CJA.

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I wish you would have mentioned you needed one before.. I scrapped a 91 with manual transmission, auto 4wd, a few months back.

I need one with the EGR setup though. The 91 wouldn't have had it.

Thanks though!

can you please post the 4 digit computer codes for each pcm please?

Original for the auto is VET1. The one from the ranger is HUD0(zero).

The ECUs are different for each year and have other differences between vehicles depending on what transmission and other options they have.

I've never heard that the ECU was tuned for any more torque, but the camshafts on M5OD-Equipped vehicles was different than the camshaft for the automatics, and so gave a different torque curved with more on the lower end. This was probably due to the use of higher gears in many manual-transmission models for more driveability and slightly higher fuel economy numbers. The ECUs in manual transmisson vehicles might be tuned for that torque curve to go along with the camshaft.

F47F-12A650-CMA is a common ECM/ECU number for 1994 manual transmission Explorers that you might try. It's sort of 'universal' in that it also works for some late '93's. I'm using one as a temporary replacement and it actually works pretty good. Idle is slightly high sometimes, fuel economy isn't as good at it was with the stock ECU, but no other issues. They are under $100 if you buy online from Advance Auto and use their $35 off $85 or $40 off $110 online coupon codes. I had a store near me that even had one in stock. You also get the added benefit of having a refurb that hopefully had all the leaky capacitors replaced so your 'new' ECU won't wind up going out after you buy it.

I was under the impression that as long as it was a RBV with the same motor/trans/driveline it would function. I still have to wonder what is the difference. I though it might have been the MAF or injectors but them seem to cross reference on RockAuto.

The one I've been keeping my eye out for is F47F-12A650-KB. Hard to say which one is right but I'm hoping that whatever I pay for a new ECU will help out my fuel mileage. 14mpg ain't cutting it any more.