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ECU Module Problems


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October 13, 2009
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Hi, We own a 2004 Ford Explorer. Bought it used 2 years ago. Since then it has had multiple repairs. Two weeks ago the throttle bottle was replaced. Since we got it back the engine revs very high when it starts. Could this have been a result of replacing the throttle body? Also since then, the 4x4 lights and ABS lights intermittently go on and off, and now the repair shop wants to replace the ecu module. To give you a little more history behind the car, these lights have gone off in the past and the repair shop has said it was a result of other problems. Mechanically the car runs fine, you couldn't tell that there was a problem. Worst part is, we just dropped $500 on a throttle body replacement, and now they want us to drop $800 to repair the ecu module.

I now have a couple of questions. Should we get a second opinion? Could a bad ecu module throw a code saying to replace the throttle body? If we do have a bad ecu module would we have noticed a difference while driving? And is this a big enough of a concern that we shouldn't drive the car until it gets fixed?

I would greatly appreciate your opinions.