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Education needed on Dana 35 front diff 2001 awd


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June 10, 2010
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01 Ranger Edge 5.0
1. If the Dana 35 front differential is only offered as open (in all applications), why even bother to have an axle to the other wheel..??

2. Are there conversions that can be down using other differential parts to transplant an LSD?

3. Are there ANY alternatives to adding an LSD to the D35 that won't cost upwards of $800+??

My application is for an AWD (not 4wd) street truck with traction in inclement weather, not so much for offroading. I am not wanting a locker. I am talking about LSD's here. Every time I find info relating to this, everyone just starts talking about lockers and the direction is totally lost.

Is there anyone that can help shed some light on this for me? I just don't get why LSD was never an option for these front diff's.. or how to overcome it (without using a locker).

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Hope.. it's all I had for any info regarding an LSD front end conversion.

Short answer is no option. The vast majority of people looking for both front wheels to offer traction are off-roaders. We are more then willing to sacrafice some directional control for added front wheel traction. Warning; this is a horrible idea in snow.

1. If you didn't have an axle to the other wheel and the differential to go with it, it would be like running the front dirrential locked all the time. No directional control.

2. No

3. No, but someone on here has used a Haldex (used in higher performing front wheel drive vehicles). Also, there is another using a Torsen differential. Both were one offs. The Torsen should be much cheaper and may be available from the manufacturer. The Haldex was a total one off. Extremely expensive.

My solution, a selectable electronically locking diferential. Also not cheap and requiring a bit of modification. Just read a post this week that said it was no longer available.

Wow, it is crazy how scarce options are for the d35 front diff's. Thanks for furthering my understanding, much appreciated.