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EE "X-Spec" rear spoiler/wing?


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April 1, 2005
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'99 EB 5.0L (R.I.P)

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Its like the saleen one I think. And I don't think it ever made it into production.

They'll probably call you after you order because "they don't carry it". Thats what happened the one and only time I ordered from them. That company doesn't deserve my money.

jtsmith said:
You also, about 3 years ago here.

You know, I've heard a lot of people who've had bad experiences with EE. Which is a bummer.

I realize some of the stuff is available from other vendors, but there are still some things which it appears only they carry, like the sway bar, and supercharger.

I do intend to order some of these items in the not too distant future, should I avoid them as a vendor entirely?

yes, anything they have can be put together elsewhere for cheaper

Get the rear bar from them, maybe an air dam. The hardware stuff can usually be had for less elsewhere. Good luck,


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I just successfuly placed an order from them.

Not a lick of trouble.


I was just defending the talk that has been around saying their service has plummited

sorry to confuse

MONMIX said:

I was just defending the talk that has been around saying their service has plummited

sorry to confuse
I have to defend them also. I have spent thousands of dollars with Explorer Express and had nothing but good luck with them from day 1.

I started off ordering the wrong stuff and had to send it back, no problems...
As soon as they got it, they sent me the right stuff.

The wing was made as per say. It was a protype. Never went into full production though. I wanted one for a long time.

It use to be a guy named John we did business with. He either quit or got fired. They are mainly a foreign car gig and not so much Explorers now...