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EEC-IV V6 question


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February 24, 2009
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Raleigh, NC
I have had a few BMW's come our way for performance work on the engines that seem to overachieve and outperform the computer and its sensors.

We have been familiar with the A9L setups, I have one on my big block in my Barracuda... but how about a unique setup for inlines.

I have call for a few particular setups right now, an inline BMW 3.5, 2.7 turbo and a /6 chrysler with a turbo.

My questions are...

3.8 or 3.0 setup, which is better?

What years to look for... someone mentioned a 1988 with a MAF setup.. but cannot remember what system and if it was EDIS setup.

I am sure I could use my distributors for the TFI.. but could the signal become interupted? I realize it is a hall affect design, but could it be setup the same as the crank trigger?
The BMW distributor works much like it. Damn Bosch setups, lol.

Do any of the units NOT use a distributor?? EDIS 6 ?(Looking stupid for me right now, only because out of two junk yards near me right now only ONE car was with EDIS ,which I prefer, and all the rest have distributors but looked like it was setup with a SD system?!? .) I am not sure what they have available.

I have wondered if the EEC-IV computer is also programmable?
Although everyone seems to have gone with A9L as the main look of these setups, is it possible to go with the V8 setup and drop two cylinders??

ANY and ALL information would be greatly appreciated..


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March 24, 2008
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Edmonton Alberta
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85 Bronco2

You forgot 4.0l V6. reprogram firing order and tweek a bit and it might work.
I not sure how it will work. Something to check out. My future plan is convert my 2.8l to FI from a 2.9l.

Check out It might help you in your projects.