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egr 401


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May 22, 2011
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ST.LOUIS Missouri
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2001 Mountaineer
Hello all,I have an 01 mountaineer 5.0.I have replaced the dpfe,and vacuum solinoid.Have power to solinoid,but computer is not grounding solinoid.I can manually ground and my egr will open.My question is,what tells the pcm to send ground,and do you think I may have a bad pcm?Thank you in advance.

The PCM opens the EGR at most driving conditions other than idle or wide open throttle, this reduces NOx emissions by displacing some of the intake fuel/air mixture with exhaust gas, which cools everything down a bit. At idle the fuel/air ratio needs tight control to prevent stall (ergo, no EGR). At WOT you need all the displacement (power) you can get (ergo, no EGR). With a scan tool you should be able to tell the PCM to exercise the EGR valve.