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EGR Problems - Need Help!


December 22, 2003
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rochester, ny
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94 Sport
I recently purchased my first Explorer. Its a 94 sport 4WD with 144k miles on it. When the engine gets warmed up the CEL comes on and stays on. Also if I turn it off then restart it the idle is TERRIBLE for a minute or two then it smooths out a bit. I pulled the codes and this is what I got;
KOER hard fault codes 326 & 412
KOEO memory codes 332 & 335
Now all these are related to the EGR so I bought a new valve from autozone. When I went to install it I discovered the new one had some extra holes in it so I didn't install it, but I noticed there was another sensor that had 2 vacuum lines running to the EGR tube, they were loose so I replaced them, but it didn't solve the problem.
I guess what I'm looking for is what would be my best shot at fixing this problem? Is it definately the EGR valve or are there other more likely sensors that could be replaced?
I'm new to Explorers and I LOVE mine so far but I really need your guys expertise to help me out..
thanks for all your help!

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Most Explorer codes related to the EGR are actually the PFE (the sensor with the two vacuum lines). It tells the EGR what to do and goes bad a lot more often than the EGR itself.

Originally posted by Robb
Most Explorer codes related to the EGR are actually the PFE (the sensor with the two vacuum lines). It tells the EGR what to do and goes bad a lot more often than the EGR itself.
That sensor is real easy to replace:D

Is that sensor the one that Autozone calls "EGR Pressure Sensor" and costs about $49?

I knew you guys would come through for me! I replaced the DPFE (much easier than the EGR valve) :D
and so far no CEL. I haven't reset the computer yet, though, is it really neccessary?


I saw an episode of 2 guys garage where they had an explorer on the rack. It had EGR codes and they said to remember to take off the throttle body and clean both sides very well. They showed the back side and it was all carbon'd up.

Here is the URL for that episode

I just got the light today and it is for 335 and 332.

I intend to replace the DPFE and associated hoses, the EGR valve and take the TB off and clean it too.

I suggest we all not overlook the backside of the TB!


did you replace the sensor? is that the correct one from autozone?

Yes, I replaced the DPFE which I got at autozone for $49. It was the correct one and I haven't seen the CEL since... its been about 4-5 weeks now. However I also got an EGR valve from autozone which was not the correct one. It had some additional holes and fittings on it. Luckily someone mentioned the DPFE and I returned the EGR valve and got that instead.:D


the EGR Pressure Sensor is the one above the EGR valve and has 1 connector and 2 hoses on it mounted with 2 bolts right?

If so, I think I need to repleace mine b/c both hoses were clogged w/ carbon build up, but my question is how do the hell are you suppose to take off the plug or switch with wires on it that is connected to it?
Seems it won't pry off :(

I think this is the problem of my check engine light.

There is a clip that holds it in place. At the end of the connector opposite of the DPFE there is a clip you need to push on which will release the connector from the DPFE. It may take some wiggling to get it off, but you should not have to pry it.

I had the same problem, went thru the same senario, bought the egr valve, noticed an extra hole, ops checked the old one & found no leaks & ended up replacing the DPFE controller. All is fine now.

Same thing here with 332 and 335 codes for 95 EB fixed (hopefully) with the DPFE sensor. Got "identical one" at Autozone for ~$50, much cheaper than FoMoCo part.

Husband cleared the codes but there was a different code that came up for EGR voltage out of range after replacing the sensor. However, so far the CHECK ENGINE light hasn't come on for two days!

Now we just have to get rid of the blinking airbag and O/D lights.