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EGR system 4th time


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October 14, 2004
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Plymouth, MN
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'94 LTD '10 LTD V8
ok heres my problem..... i just got gas at costco and was getting really bad knocking on the freeway got home and the knocking went away. but got a cel 336 c 337 c,o. Going back 6 months ago had the same problem got gas at costco bad knock on freeway got home knocking went away. but i exchanged the whole egr system egr valve dpfe sensor and egr Solenoid and no more CEL. Is there a knock sensor in this suv??? or do i have some other issue? i want to add the first time i replaced the whole egr system i had a bad idle issue....

time line

1st time codes 332 335 336 337 fixed idle problem

2 bought gas at costco knocking issue cel 336 337 replaced all egr system
egr valve dpfe sensor and egr Solenoid fixed problem

3 same as second

4 same as third

Sounds like you got some really crappy Costco gas with no additives in it. Put something like chevron in it and all should be good again. If you are running any kind of a tune on the engine you need to be careful what brand of gas you put in it especially on a performance tune.