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EGR Trouble Codes for 94 Explorer


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January 31, 2014
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Phoenix, Az
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1994 Ford Explorer
I bought a used 94 Explorer about 6 weeks ago from a "not so honest" person. My fault totally for letting my guard down. Anyways, I ran the codes with a jumper wire & I took care of a few of them but I got 335 EGR -Feedback signal is/was out of range - EVR or PFE, 332 EGR - did not open/respond during test or if memory code, did not open intermittantly -EVR or PFE, & 341 Octane jumper Installed (info only code to notify you it is installed). So.....I replaced the EGR yesterday. Took it for a test drive & it seemed to be running better. The light stayed off for about 6 miles. I shut it off, but when I restarted it, the light came back on. I ran codes & the previous are still there but I also have 536 Brake on/off open or shorted to ground BOO & 186 Injector Pulse width longer than expected or Mass Air Flow lower than expected - Fuel Control. I'd love some advice on what to do in order to get it to pass emissions so I can get it registered. I'm capable of doing the work, just very short on funds so it will take awhile if the cost is too high. Can't afford to waste any more money on nonessential things I can do later on! Has new battery, fuel pump, catalytic converter, & new wiring to oxygen sensors