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EGR Tube Help


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March 4, 2006
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'97 Merc Mounty
I have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer which I am replacing the EGR tube. 10mm for the EGR and 27mm for the tube nuts. The stock unit was a bendable piece and the new one that I recieved was a solid unit.

Now to the question: If I install everything loose at first for alignment purposes, how do I tighten the EGR tube to the EGR? There is no way a 27mm wrench will fit on that collar nut (or atleast anyway I can figure out)! Seems I might even have a problem getting the collar nut at the EGR tube to the exhaust manifold tight enough. I will be picking up the EGR gasket tomorrow so any help would be appreciated.

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Well, since I had 43 people look at the post and not one was able to answer, I thought I would now answer the question myself. Maybe it might help someone else out.

Talked to the mechanic the works on our company vehicles and the only thing he could think of was a crowfoot wrench. He did not have a metric one that large (27mm) but he did have a couple of sae sizes. He gave me the 1 1/8 and the 1 1/4. The 1 1/8 was a bit loose but it seems to have worked. I put some anti-sieze on the threads and tightened everything up. I replaced the two hoses at the same time, what a PITA!!!!! With a lot of patience (due to lack of space to work in) I was able to get the job done and now I am very happy no more tick tick tick.

Even with the solid EGR tube, Im not sure if you would really need to loosen or remove the EGR Valve.

Hope this helps.

I did this job yestarday and just used a adjustable wrech

I need to do this job on my v-8.

this was the first time I read this and as I read what you were asking I said to myself crow'sfoot wrench.

and you had the same answer

The exact size is 1 1/16.