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EGR tube model #


April 20, 2004
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Cincinnati, OH
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1996 XLT
Hi all,

I bent the flange of my XLT 4.0 OHV's EGR tube (going from the EGR valve to the intake manifold) trying to get that damn EGR valve nut loose. (Still can't get it loose!) Then while straightening the flange I popped the tack welds holding the press-in nuts on the back of the flange. I got it all back together but I couldn't tighten the bolt on one side of the EGR because the nut just spins. Since I don't have a MIG welder to reweld the nut, and I didn't get the flange all that straight, I'm going to have to get another tube. I know I can get one from a yard, but I honestly don't want to screw around with this EGR system any more than I have to, as it's evil. So I'm willing to buy one if I can get one (even from a dealer). Anybody have the part #? (Or have one they want to sell me?)

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Contact Torrie at Fastpartsnetwork. He's a site sponsor here and a great guy to deal with. He'll sort you out. Cheaper than the stealership in most cases.

Might even try his online part lookup feature on his site.

I've purchased from there before. I searched all through the parts catalog, and I couldn't find that part. I figured that if someone knew the part #, I could search for it in the catalog. Anyone know (or can look up in a manual) the part #? Alternatively I can e-mail fastparts and see if they can tell me.

I have one I will sell to you. I did a 5.0 swap and don't need mine any more. I don't know how much they run new. Make an offer. I am in Mt. Juliet right down the road so no shipping.