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EGR VALVE not opening and closing? Can't find it


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July 1, 2007
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I HAVE A 92 XLT AND A 93 XLT. Now I know the EGR valve was introduced in the 93 model. I've traced around the heads, headers, intake manifold. Used a diagram from alldata but still cant find it. Hanyes manual proved itself useless on this. I know what the egr looks like, but im almost positive i don't have one. I have the hoses that form the "T" under the intake manifold. Anyone have a photo of the location of the egr? It would help a lot. I need to do all repairs myself because we dont make a lot of money in the military.

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are you fixing the 93?

the egr is very visible on the drivers side by the intake manifold and has a pipe that goes down to the exhaust.

i will try to find a picture for you.

What they said...

On the top of the engine, DRIVER side, just in front of the vaccuum tree. (EDIT: Good Gosh, bad typo, definitely not on passenger side!)

You may not have one on a 93, I've seen postings here that they were only on CA-emissions Explorers until 94. Of course, for every rule there's an exception, and Ford is known for using whatever's on the shelf at the time they need to build and ship...


drivers side, not passenger side.

my ohio 94's both have egrs.

I had my wife check it out my 92 has one from california. but i really cant find one on my '93 from illinois, but im still getting the check engine light from it when my truck warms up. Is there something they use in place of the egr? i know under the intake manifold there is a device that forms a "T" with 3 hoses. Any insights?

nope. i have that diaGram from all data.
the diagram shows it below the iac but i dont have one there. and still the check engine

Does your truck have the original engine and computer?

Check the codes again, and list them here. Especially the KOEO and KOER codes. You really "shouldn't" have an EGR system on a stock 91.


Don't think you should have an EGR on '92. I had the same EGR code you are probably looking but don't have an actual EGR. Check your fuel pressure regulator since that was the only time my check engine light came on and it was bad (running too rich). Fuel pressure doesn't give you a "code" but only secondary symptoms that will turn on the light.
My $.02....

93 explorer EGR Valve is CA emissions only. if your vehicle is a Fed 49 state vehicle then you don't have one.