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EK98's 2000 XLT

This is my second Explorer, a 2000 XLT loaded with leather and moonroof :)... sold the old one because it was 2wd.

Going with a TT/Shackle lift, 31's or 32's... haven't decided yet, and some black cragar soft 8 rims. Want it to be a capable off roader, yet still economical because it is my DD. Can't decide yet if I want to keep the running boards, I like the look of these type instead of the molded to the body version.


I got the shocks installed and man does it ride so much better! Front doesn't hop over bumps anymore and the rear is a lot firmer. Overall it feels much more sure-footed and I'm looking forward to taking it off road soon to see how it handles.

Hopefully now my wife won't mind as much the long drives on primitive forest roads for camping and such. :)

The load adjusting shocks lifted the back approx 1.5 inches. which makes it sit dead level with the front now. Here are some pics, not the greatest as its just sitting in my apartment parking lot but hopefully some better ones soon from an upcoming camping trip!

The first pic is obviously the load adjusting shock but also includes the 5th shock as well.




I decided to install some LED light bars since my anzo clear headlights are less than ideal on dark rural roads. I had been trying to figure out an idea on how to mount them without just bolting them on to the top of my bumper and came up with the following idea.

I bought a bumper at a junkyard to cut up because I didn't want to screw up my original. I had to cut out the areas around the lights to create more room.

Then I mounted the lights to my front hitch with u bolts and just barely had enough room. I still have to adjust the aim of the lights and do a minor tweak or two to the alignment but for the most part its all good to go now!







That looks awesome!! That was the general idea with mine too, use up some of the empty space in front. I got a deal on squarish pods though so I used those. But I really like yours more.

I got these for $22.99 a piece on amazon prime which I thought was a great deal. However when installing I had wished that I got the single mount type like yours, as it would have just made things a lot easier in that tight space. Yours looks nice too and you didn't have to cut the bumper! I was hoping not to have to as I wanted to keep more of a stock look, but I don't think its too noticeable.