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Elbe in March?


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April 15, 2002
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1985 BroncoII
Looking to see if anyone would want to go a "BUSY WILD" run in March.
For those of you who don't know the trail it can be "most difficult" resulting in body damage and/or mechanical damage.

I will be taking my full size Explorer (78.5" track,122" wheelbase 5500 pounds) so don't be scared

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You need Arsoul to come down and play!! :cool:

PM him

I am meeting up with the broncoii.org guys at 9 AM at the cheveron in Elbe on Sunday the 26 for a run of the BUSY WILD

DISSCLAIMER: Receiving body/mechanical damage on this trail is a given NOT a exception, You may get lucky :D

We found a jeep about the half way point, this is why you never go alone, the owners were nowhere to be found


And a engine fire early on prevented Scott AKA raider from taken his rig any further but he did ride along with Josh AKA snowthrower

Brian AKA nightkrawler soon had Elbe doors





The rest of the pictures are being sent in bulk to Nightkrawler for him to post/host.
I have about 17 minutes of video to edit and shrink so I can upload it with my dial up connection

I had the lockers off about 90% of the time, I don't know if it was tire design or just the new size that that it easier?

That Cherokee in the earlier pictures is now stripped from what I have heard :eek:

jrgaylor said:
That Cherokee in the earlier pictures is now stripped from what I have heard :eek:
That SUCKS :fire: I hope karma gets the ones whut dun it