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elec probs 1/12 --92 exp 4dr 4x4 auto


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January 12, 2005
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new phila ohio
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1992 4x4 explr
okay here it goes.

shut off
engine turns over, no gas, no spark [towed home]
checked powerbox, eec relay 30 amp out, replaced,
engine runs perfect pop another fuse.

went to parts store bought on $12 relay new fuse, installed it

ignition on
relay popping 10 - seconds later
stops popping
eec fuse pops

1 any body help with numbers of relay there are three or more pigtails in this area.

2 i am unsure if i replaced the right one since the guy at the store said it is possible to have multiple relays for this..and had no clue about replacement numbers.

3 why would relay begin buzzing sounds i checked three grey relays and a black relay. only the one was popping off.??

4 is there a way to test raealays? 12 positive to pin1 output voltages at pin (3,4,5)

5 is this a bigger problem than i suspect

update (UNDER HOOD)
grey 1 green plug RELAY 5 PIN(FUEL PUMP)
grey 2 brown plug RELAY 5 PIN (BLOWER RELAY)
grey 3 black plug RELAY 5 PIN (RELAY????)
black 1 black plug RELAY 5 PIN (AC RELAY)??
:eek: :confused:

will try testing further


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December 27, 2001
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92 XLT and '87 Bronco II
1) There are three relays in the power distribution box: Fuel pump relay, AC WOT cutoff relay, and EEC relay.

2) From what I've gathered, FP and EEC relays are equivalent. Not sure on AC relay

3) A relay buzzing would indicate that it is being opened/closed repeatedly and frequently. See 4, but it could indicate an intermittent current flow through the actuating circuit.

4) A relay is essentially an electrically actuated switch. When a current flows through the actuating circuit it causes the switch to change states. In the case of the EEC and FP relays (not sure on the AC WOT relay, but it might be the same.) they are normally open (NO). This means that when no current is flowing through the actuating circuit, the circuit is open (switch "off"). When current flows through the actuating circuit, the relay closes (turns "on") and the associated circuit is energized. Basically, you test a relay by applying a current to the actuating side and see if the switch opens and closes. Note that this isn't a test for the rest of the wiring associated with the relay.

5) It could be a bigger problem than you suspect, it could also be as simple as a broken wire/bad connection that can be fixed with a little solder and electrical tape.

If you don't yet have a wiring diagram, that's the first thing I would get.