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electric door lock issues


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June 15, 2011
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Kennesaw ga
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1994 limited
So when I first got my explorer it had a red front passenger door that was in contrast to it's green body. window motor and locks on the doo didn't work, no wires were connecting the door to the car. Pulled the door apart and discovered the wiring was ripped out.

Basically said screw it, Ill deal with it later. Well today was that later went down to the junk yard got a door with all the wiring and motors got it all hooked up re connected the battery, good news the door works great window goes up and down and door locks and unlocks even from the driver side. bad news, now I get electric motor noises from all the other doors. Like they are trying to roll the windows up. The driver side door makes a clicking noise like its locking and unlocking constantly.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what it could be, or how I can test it before I rip the dash apart to see if I can trace the short?