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Electric fan conversion bolt on using a chevy hhr fan (super easy!) only 50$


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November 11, 2013
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macon, ga
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99 explorer 5.0 e.b.
Here is the best electric fan conversion for 50$
I have a 99 explorer v8 5.0 that had the engine powered fan that was just junk
the clutch fan was too expensive and quite a waste

electric fans are more efficient and actually free up power and mpg

Here is what you need
06-2010 chevy hhr radiator fan
Dorman 620-951 Radiator Fan Assembly (thats the part number i used)
i got the fan under 50$ on ebay from 3guysautoparts but i think they raised it up to 54$ now heres the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/2006-2010-Chevy-HHR-Radiator-Condenser-Cooling-Fan-Assembly-/271210843900?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3AChevrolet%7CModel%3AHHR&hash=item3f256d0efc&vxp=mtr

First remove the old clutch fan and all the peices and the shroud.
bolt the pulley back up without the fan.
remove the radiator
place the hhr fan in the middle as pictured and drill holes as pictured
you need some bolts and nuts whatever size you have laying around that
is kinda small will work
as long as its not too big or too small
take some weather stripping foam and put some on the two edges that will be up against the radiator where the fan is just for protection
once lined up drill the holes straight through the plastic mounting tabs and the aluminum top bracket and bottom bracket, run the bolts and nuts through and tighten them up and slide it back in place in the car.
it may take some fiddling to get it past the water pump but it fits fine as you can see
another tip for electric wiring is buy a kit at o'reilly auto parts
and they have a universal relay kit with thermostat for around 30$ or go to summit or ebay and get this one http://www.summitracing.com/parts/hda-3652?seid=srese1&gclid=CNn27aO83boCFTJp7AodrAEArQ

its a very straight forward conversion, its like this fan was made for this car i swear! it flows plenty of cfm and actually flows better than using two 10" or 12" fans off ebay and poking holes in the radiator for those pesky camp thing eww. this setup looks much more professional and feels better quality.

let me know if anyone likes this or has tried it or if you have any questions let me know also. hope this helps, i will clean up the guide when i get time and add more pics too.




places to drill holes

foam needed

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Just to play it safe..

The HHR fan isn't enough to keep all vehicles cool.

Here is a thread with a poll about it... For most people on EF that have the HHR fan, the HHR isn't keeping up...


I am still sold on electric fans, the HHR just seems like it isn't enough with the explorers...


Very nice job, clean install. I did the same thing but used a dual 2 speed fan from a Ford Contour. $18 at the u-pull it. Here's a link to some picks of mine. The pics start at post #6 I think. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=309897 Are you using a fan controller or relays?

Edit: I agree with Mark on that one. But for sure let us know how the HHR fan works for you.

I have one of these HHR fans in my attic. I never got around to installing it. I wonder how much the shroud design has to do with the cooling performance. Its been a while since i looked at it. The farther you can get the fan from the core, the better off you will be. And of course the shroud should cover the whole core for the best performance.

Cperkins do u happen to have the measurement of the HHR shroud?