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Electric Fan- Decided on Chev HHR

The Idea of not covering the entire radiator is so the fan, when running, doesn't block air as your moving. Many Fans add flaps on the fan shroud so when your heading down the freeway the air can get through the radiator and out without having to be forced through a spinning fan which can slow down/block the air when at freeway speeds.

I also like putting the temp sensor in the lower radiator hose (or near it in the fins if its that kind of sensor). That way the Fan is controlling the temp of the water coming out of the radiator (keeping it around 160-170 max) and the thermostat is keeping the engine warm.

I have tried putting the sensor in the heater hose/intake and found that the Fan and the thermostat were actually fighting each other when they tried to keep the vehicle cool. The Fan would end up running when on the freeway since the coolant coming out of the engine was at 200 or so. If you set the Fan to come on later so its not running when on the freeway you end up with a hotter running motor..


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Oh boy....Maybe I dont want to cover up the two open ends


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Mark, I think I had talked to you about that, couldn't remember. My DC controller is in the fins by the outlet. When I ran the painless it was in the lower rad hose. I agree Mark these 2 spots are ideal.

Here's mine.




Here is the pin out for the speed sensor.


Ok, I see Red/Pink (Pin 21 Rear Sensor High to Module) is the wire I'm after.
I see what you mean about spacing for the rad.

I will have to get creative at this point and make flaps I think. A dremmel, some epoxy, some black garden edging, maybe some hinge from the hardware store............

Looking for the in-line rad water temp adapter. This must be it. 1 1/2 inside diameter

You dont need anything fancy. Cut a square hole and then cut some 1/8 or 3/16 thick rubber about 1" taller and 1/2" bigger on the other sides. Now screw or rivet the top of the rubber over the hole. Air will now pass through it but it wont be able to go the other way.


Thanks for the correction, and the in line adapter link.
I'll edit my post on the VehicleSpeedSensor to avoid confusion.

And your right about the hinges. The KISS (Keep is simple stupid) principal.

I'll keep my eyes out for rubber that will work.

So that adapter is $80.00 to Canada from Jegs and Summit. ouch. I have to keep digging for a better price

If you have any local speed or performance shops try there first. I had no idea it was that much to Canada. WOW!

Painless controller showed up today. Im surprised at how small it is. I have my adapter to install in the lower rad hose ($60.00 locally). Hopefully I will get that done tonight. At least I'm only running water for coolant since my new cam/heads/valve train went in. Ill pull the lower rad hose, install adapter and temp sensor. Then a refill using actual coolant. My fan's done, I'll post pics of that later.


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ok, sensor installed in lower rad hose, and fan is ready to install. Notice the two square holes cut. There are flaps on the other side of the holes so that when the fan is sucking (Negative preasure) the wholes should be closed.

Hockey game tonight, so I might not get anything done tonight? I wonder if Vancouver is going to take it on home ice?


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Hockey? Is that still on? Flyers didn't make it so I thought it was done.

Just kidding... good luck to your boys tonight. Looks like you got your Painless kit just in time huh...no mail north of the border for a while it seems.

Yup, everyones striking around here Canada Post and Air Canada. I wonder if its a coincidence?
Id like to see Vancouver Take the cup just because they have not had their turn yet. I think there over due. Go Canucks Go!

I guess the fans almost took the cup.... And just about dismanteled Vancouver... Oh wait, it wasn't the hockey fans.. They didnt even know what hockey was, just "rioters" and "hooligans"... no hockey fans!!!

Seeing what went on after the game makes me a not very proud Canadian, thats for sure.
As for the game its self, Boston was clearly the better team.

My Controller install has gone about as well as the game.
On first install, the motor heated up and the fan turned on. Perfect. The fan never quit though. I figured at 160 degree's at the lower rad hose, the fan should turn off at some point. It never did.
I shut the motor off, and then couldn't get the fan to start again. After checking all connectors over and over, now the fan won't turn off unless I remove voltage from ACC.

I posted on Painless Performances forum, and they replied quickly. I hope my controller isn't toast. I'm sure I'll have my answer tomorrow.

Keep us posted. Mine worked well the short time I had it installed. Interested to hear whats up.

The controller is going back to Painless for testing. I find it hard to believe the controller is bad, but at the same time I am certain my wiring is correct.

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My controller turned out to be bad. A new one is being sent to me, no questions asked. No complaints about the suppoer from Painless Performance, thats for sure.

I have to wonder what I did to it to blow it up. I spent last night double checking my wiring, and solder joints, etc. everything looks good and clean.

Lets hope the new controller gives me better results.