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electric shift to manual t-case mod, and new bumper build

Fatty explorer

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November 10, 2004
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Everett, wa
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2001 Explorer XLT 5.0
well i made a thread about converting my electric shift tcase to a manual shift and now its 10 min from being finished, ......damn washington rain!!!


i used a 90 degree 3/8ths chuck drill adapter at lowes $18

some 3/8ths solid steel bar and a sleeveto mount to the t-case selector shaft

pictures say it all in the end the selector switch will be inside my center console access lid, just turn itcounter clockwise and ur in 4h and tunr it again and ur in 4 low vise versa

and my new bumper build......the stinger will be reenforced with some side tube as well....its just a start






and heres the bumper build......and yes the t-case mod works...



welded with 3/8th brackets to the frame




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I like the bumper but those tow points look iffy.

those tow points are 6 ton eye bolts that are welded all the way through the whole bumper front and back

oh, they didn't look like they were welded all the way through. 6 tons sounds pretty beefy then.

i like the bumper, nice job.

Love the manual t-case! That is super simple, cheap, and clean. how much leverage do you need on the rod to engage it? and how do you know when you're engaged?

you can feel the t case click right before it engages its really simple, and i just have a 5 inch t handle welded to that rod and it doesnt take anything to turn the rod to shift, im going to use the gear from the shift motor as a turn knob for the selector shaft

bro that manual shift mod is sick, I love it!!!! so is it a straight up shot through the console from the t case? what about the 90* drill adapter. cant really tell from the pic. how did you do the bracket to hold it in place? what kinda sleeve did you use from the drill adapter to the t case shaft? I'm gonna tear into mine tomorrow! screw a new shift motor! I so prefer manual anyway:salute:

Hey how much you want for that navajo grille. I like modding the navajo grills. I got an explorer front end grill to replace it.

hey what about your hubs? do they lock in when you put it in 4 wheel drive?