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electric window regulator cable...HELP!


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August 6, 2000
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'94 XLT 4x4
Today my rear driver's side door window stopped working...it is electric........

Ripped apart the panel, etc and looked.....here, the cable has somehow jammed in the "spool" that lets it in and out on the regulator and jammed up....the cable is now trash.........

I pulled the electric motor, etc but not the mechanical regulator.........

Three questions:

1) Can I get just the cable part and replace that (it looks like it comes off the electric motor) or do I have to buy a whole new one??

2) Can I reinstall it and the cable without removing the mechanical regulator from the door?? The cable connects "somewhere" on the top of the one part of the window bracket............cant seem to see the connection point.....

3) I have duct tape holding the window up right now...will that harm the factory tint??

My Chiltons and Haynes manuals are no help at all........

ANy ideas here??

Thanks in advance!

The cable and regulator are a common unit. The motor can be removed from the regulator (as you have already found out). It will be necessary to remove the regulator and replace it and the cable as an entire assembly. You will have to get the assembly from Ford. As for the duct tape, I don't think it will hurt the tint, but it will be a pain to clean up.

I have the same problem on mine, does anyone know how much the cable/regulator will cost from Ford? Is it worth trying to pull one of these units from a junkyard, or will it most likely have a short life span?